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Guest Post Guidelines for Writer

  1. Write a properly researched article for our readers.

2. In case you find any other topic on which we should write, please advise us.

3. Add at least two internal links in the guest post articles.

4. Write an engaging title.

5. There is a minimum word limit of 800 words and maximum could be anything based on the requirement of the article but please make sure don’t write 1 thing again & again & don’t stretch the article. In short, make sure the article will be useful to our audience.

6. The written guest post article must be informative (Point to point) and if you want to give anywhere brief explanations, go ahead.

7. At the end of the guest post, write a Meta Description explaining the complete post in 150-160 characters. should clearly explain the article’s Insight.

8. Please put relevant images (size – 1280*720) along with the article

9. When writing the guest post make sure to keep these things in check –

  • Focus/Primary Keyword is in the First Paragraph
  • Similar or Supportive keywords in the middle section of the article.
  • Focus/Primary keyword in the last paragraph.
  • Add proper headings (Heading2, Heading 3 & so on) with focus/primary keywords to make it SEO friendly.
  • Your article should be in the proper format. Please don’t forget to add call-to-action at the end of the article.

10. Call to action refers to the user activity on the page. Ask them for feedback, suggestions, or any queries. Ask what problems they’re facing in relation to the topic and in the end request them to share the content in their network.

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