What Are the Latest Trends in Drone Technology?

Drones have come a long way from their first military applications in the ‘50s. They moved on to photography — and along with modern technology, developed applications that now cover countless industries. Today, the entire global market for drones is set to grow to an astounding $17 billion by 2028.

At this point, one can safely say that drone technology is advancing at a rapid rate. Below are a few trends that show how drone use is indeed expanding and evolving.

Improved surveillance

Thanks to their multiple uses in law enforcement, drones are used by hundreds of police departments across the US. Most of their functions relate to assisting officers in the field. Drones can map out crime scenes so investigators don’t have to touch them. The range of movement and visibility they provide allows them to streamline search and rescue operations. They can even keep officers and bystanders safer if they’re used to pursue armed suspects or investigate bomb threats. In the future, police forces are looking to use UAVs that can deploy automatically when needed. This will allow departments to divert more manpower to certain situations that require people on the ground.

Better job site safety

However, law enforcement isn’t the only high-risk job drones help with. Workers in the construction industry are especially vulnerable. Here, injuries and illnesses resulting from slips, falls, and trips are fairly common. One relevant drone function in this case is its ability to conduct remote monitoring, which helps personnel avoid getting injured during routine inspections. Drones are also advancing to a point where they can work at the higher levels of construction sites. This way, more construction workers no longer need to put themselves in dangerous positions, where the risk of an accident is much higher.

Precision agriculture

Drones are especially useful in precision agriculture, where farmers use data to manage their resources. This helps them end up with the highest-yielding harvests possible. Drones help collect and convey the data farmers need. They’re equipped with cameras that can map and survey fields with a clear eye. Yet the sensors on drone cameras help with more than just image clarity. They can also detect if certain parts of the field need more watering or are being infested with pests. Specially-made agricultural drones can even carry and spray water, fertilizer, and insect repellent.

Enhanced delivery

Arguably one of the most valuable uses of drones today is in healthcare. This was showcased during the height of the COVID-19 pandemic. Vaccines needed to be delivered to remote areas, and drones did the job. Today, delivery drones are also being used to transport medical supplies and life-saving organic material like human blood and organs. This is becoming especially useful in response to outbreaks of disease in remote areas. Ultimately, the drone is becoming an invaluable tool in bringing healthcare access to all.

Drones are astoundingly versatile, and the latest drone technology trends are making lives better in multiple ways.

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