Vizio V21 Can Be The Next Big Product In The Sound Industry! Review!

Vizio V21 is a well-known brand in the soundbar industry. Recently, we evaluated one of their most recent releases. The Vizio Elevate was a very amazing model for several reasons.  Over the past several years, they have produced some really capable units. Especially some of their top-of-the-line Dolby Atmos ones.

Holistic Review: Vizio V21

However, Vizio is aware of the severe competition in the market for entry-level 2.1 channel models.

So they have adopted a very aggressive pricing policy for the features they include in their products.

The Vizio V-Series V21-H8R is a fairly straightforward device that supports DTS and Dolby Digital.

Vizio V21

And is loaded with the most fundamental functions, like USB playback and Bluetooth streaming.

It is also voice assistant compatible and can be connected to an external assistant device.

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Feature, Design, And Input

Given that all of Vizio’s previous soundbars had incredibly complicated name codes.

And were difficult to distinguish from one another based on that.

The company must rank among the worst when it comes to product naming.

As they chose a more understandable name this time, it appears that this is slowly beginning to alter.

Even though the soundbar still uses the somewhat cryptic V21-H8R code.

Vizio has now divided their selection into three different groups.

The M-Series is their mid-range lineup, followed by the Vizio Elevate.

Which is their top-of-the-line flagship, and the V-Series.

To which the V21 belongs, is their most entry-level, budget-friendly lineup.

Even though each series still has a few models.

Vizio V21

You can now tell what this soundbar is all about by simply looking at the V21 code.

This particular soundbar has 2.1 channels, which is a standard configuration that has been seen countless times before.

The subwoofer assists with the bottom end action while the two main channels are on the main unit.

There are no up-firing or surround channels present.

So you could be let down if you were hoping for a fully immersive experience.

Its dimensions are about average for this category at 36.0′′ x 2.3′′ x 3.2′′ (915 x 58 x 82 mm).

Allow it to fit comfortably beneath any TV that is 43′′ and larger.

The V21 is perfect whether you have an open area.

Vizio V21: Other  Features

Or a tiny room because it can be put even in very tight locations.

Or around little furniture without any difficulty or diminishing its efficacy.

It does not require Atmos or side-firing drivers.

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Private Hardware

The gear that is used beneath the grille will be the subject of our next examination.

All of these budget soundbars typically have very basic driver numbers and combination layouts.

Let’s look at how the V-Series fits into all of this since only a select few releases deviate.

From this pattern and opt for more complex settings.

For each of the two major channels, there is only a single 1.77′′ x 3.70′′ (45 x 94 mm).

Full-range driver located beneath the grille. Vizio kept things as straightforward as they could.

Contrarily, the subwoofer uses a single 5.25′′ (133.35mm) down-firing driver.

Which is roughly the size you would anticipate from a soundbar of this size.

Connectivity: Vizio V21

We don’t anticipate any shocks in this area because of the port configuration on all of these.

Low- to middle-tier soundbars is often pretty consistent.

The most prevalent issue is that even the simplest home theatre systems today sometimes lack enough HDMI inputs.

Let’s examine the position of the Vizio V-Series in this context.

Optional controls

The machine can be controlled in a variety of ways.

But we’ll start with the most obvious one: the provided remote.

The V21-H8R comes with a rather basic remote, although we must clarify this point.

There appear to be two versions of this soundbar.

The remote control itself has a fairly straightforward layout and is made of high-quality plastic.

The buttons are nicely spaced apart, making it simple to press the right one in dimly light areas.

Vizio V21

As we’ve already noted, the three circular buttons for input selection, are Bluetooth.

And power is located beneath the full functionality display, which is located at the top.

The standard navigation controls are in the centre.

And there are six buttons below for EQ and level adjustments, volume control, setup, effect, and mute.

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