NVIDIA Surpasses the Giants in terms of Capitalization. What is the Reason?

NVIDIA is the company presenting the most powerful graphics processing units that are widely used in various industries. Uses include video game creation, visualization, large-scale computing, and machine manufacturing.

Developers can improve their production using the NVIDIA GeForce GPU, and video games are getting better thanks to the video processors announced by the NVIDIA experience system.

The largest chipmaker has beaten its value in the market since the start of the coronavirus infection. Today it costs more than Intel and Broadcom.

NVIDIA vs. Berkshire Hathaway Inc

A few days ago, a historic event took place – the company moved up in the market capitalization rating and for the first time in history overtook Berkshire Hathaway Inc.

The lucky ones who were investing in stocks became the winners, as NVIDIA stocks rose more than 2%. After such a surge, the company had a market capitalization of more than $650 billion and outstripped its rival Warren Buffett.

NVIDIA vs. Apple

The day is not far off when NVIDIA will overtake Apple in market capitalization. Today the capitalization of the largest player is more than $2 trillion, but experts predict a noticeable increase in the value of NVIDIA when they begin to use AI, which will add more than $14 trillion to the gross product. This amount can be estimated with the indicators of three years ago when the introduction of artificial intelligence increased GDP by more than one and a half-trillion dollars.

This growth can only be compared with the contribution of mobile traffic to GDP. It has grown markedly by over $4 trillion.

Artificial Intelligence Implementation

The introduction of artificial intelligence will make a certain breakthrough compared to the use of mobile gadgets. Mobile devices are mainly used for personal use, while AI will be used in almost all areas of activity, such as various business organizations.

A few years ago, the company could not boast of such an enviable success. Everything was exactly the opposite. Starting from 2018 until this year, the profit from the sale of processors has become smaller each period.

It is not yet possible to say if this take-off will be long-term, as the company’s products are conductors and still depend on software for their sustainability.

At the moment, the company’s success mostly depends on future developments in the field of artificial intelligence. Now all conditions have been created for further development since the chips and processors of this company are easier to use and more adaptable in comparison with the same products from Google and Microsoft.

The company’s profit grows noticeably thanks to the fast processing of data. Already at the moment, revenue has reached more than 23% and when AI becomes ready for widespread use, the company’s profit will occupy the main position in this industry. Investors just have to be patient and wait for a breakout to take place and the share price will pay off in full.

NVIDIA and Facebook

Facebook’s recent rebranding has made a splash in the world. The company intends to fully engage in virtual reality technology with the help of the largest player in the market NVIDIA Corp.

Facebook Metaverse will revolutionize the world of perception. Today, few people still trust VR technology, and not most people use this technology. However, there are plans to convince people that this technology fully complies with the privacy policy.

Hand in hand with the world’s most successful video game chip maker, people across the planet will experience the Metaverse.

NVIDIA is already leading the way in the development of powerful graphics cards which help professionals to do video editing. High-end graphics cards speed up the process of applying effects and transitions in programs such as DaVinci Resolve, Final Cut Pro, and others. And to tell you the truth, the card copes well with all types of video software, be it streaming tools, screen recorders for PC, converters, and so on just perfectly. Now the company intends to take a new bar and start solving more complex tasks.

Today the company already has a platform that helps in the creation of new virtual spaces. Shortly, NVIDIA will help drive the transition to the more graphically rich world of the Internet and immerse ordinary users in a world of realistic experiences.

Achieving this goal will require even more computers equipped with powerful processors and artificial intelligence provided by NVIDIA.

The company is already leading in the production of fillings for the best video editing gear, and soon it will make a breakthrough in the creation of the metaverse by creating new virtual worlds that the world has not yet met.

Innovators have an ambitious goal to bring realistic experiences beyond video games and entertainment. They intend to transfer their technology into the everyday life of ordinary people.

For example, this will affect the production of cars, whose manufacturers are already using digitized visualization to retrofit new cars, which significantly reduces production costs. BMW started using this concept.

Another innovation is a design that can be created and viewed in real-time. Companies will be able to create virtual rooms for the home and display their designs in order to coordinate with customers prior to purchase.


The world is undergoing transformation every day. A few years ago, NVIDIA, which was a standard player in the market, is already ahead of the strongest competitors and will soon be able to overtake such a giant as Apple.

The company intends to fully implement artificial intelligence in all areas of activity, as well as together with Facebook, turn the world of perception of virtual life.

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