YouTube Hacked – Top Vevo Channels Affected

On April 10, 2018 approximately at 4:00 AM EST a major YouTube hack has happened and some of the top VEVO Channels have been hacked. The affected. The Hackers has targetted some of the big Channels such as

DrakeVevo, DJSnakeVevo,Calvin Harris Vevo,Maroon 5 Vevo, Post Malone Vevo, Vevo, YLMusicVevo, Karrisofficelvideo, Shakiravevo, LuisFonsiVevo, IggyazaleamusicVEVO, CNCOVEVO, LacrimMusicVEVO, MaitreGimsVEVO, VALDVEVO, TaylorSwiftVEVO, SelenaGomezVEVO, KalashVEVO, ChrisBrownVEVO, ChiefKeefVEVO, MaejorAliMusicVEVO

This is not the first time YouTube was hacked, In April 2017 around 300 YouTube channels were hacked that included some top content creators such as H3H3, Miniminter , Kwebbelkop, EverythingApplePro, XpertThief , TheAtlanticCraft , iDubbbzTV and all of their video titles were changed to “Ourmine are back” the main of the hack was to let them know about their security.

YouTube actually wasn’t hacked but the network ( Omnia Media) that manages these big channels was hacked.

The reason for today hack remains unknown. However, in one of the video the hacker posted this note “x – hacked by prosox & kuroi’sh @OpIsrael 🙂 FreePalestine ft. Maluma”

Despacito – by Luis Fonsi was deleted by hackers the song had close to 5 billion video views.

The hackers didn’t just target the videos but also have targeted many websites

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