Yoshi Becomes A Kangaroo In New Mario Kart Tour Sydney Event

Mario Kart Tour comes back to Sydney and this time it includes an alternative look for Yoshi that make the dinosaur look like a kangaroo.

The next stop around the world on Mario Kart Tour will include some new additions that allow players to race as Yoshi in the form of a kangaroo while driving a double-decker bus. Since its launch back in September of 2019, Nintendo‘s mobile racing title has changed tour locations every two weeks and its newest destination, which is currently live, is Sydney, Australia.

This is not the first time the game has been based in the famous Australian city as Mario Kart Tour first came to Sydney back in the end of April of this year. The additions featured in the original debut consisted of a brand new city course, jet cruiser cart, surf master glider, and an alternative koala look for Baby Mario. September’s return to the land down under has also brought some new aesthetics to the mobile game and players can finally put them to use on the tour.

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The official Mario Kart Tour Twitter account shared a screenshot featuring the two main additions for Sydney Tour 2, which are an alternative Yoshi skin that makes the usually green dinosaur resemble a kangaroo and a double-decker bus cart. Yoshi’s full marsupial makeover is complete with pointed ears, a hat, and boxing gloves while the green bus cart might be familiar to tourists of the Australian city. The official post also makes reference to the original tour with a subtle mention of the Baby Mario (koala) alternative skin from April.

It is worth noting that not all of the game’s events are based on real-world cities as sometimes they are in honor of holidays, seasons, and even characters such as the most recent Kamek Mario Kart Tour. That said, Sydney has a unique designation of being one of the few cities that has had repeat visitations from the tour. Not only that, but the Australian metropolis is also the quickest Mario Kart Tour has returned to a location-themed event as only nine other competitions separate the two Sydney tours.

With the holiday season not too far in the future, it is likely the Nintendo’s mobile racing title will visit comparatively few cities for the remainder of 2021 if any. Between September of 2020 and the end of last year, Los Angeles was the only city to be used as inspiration for an event while the rest were driven by a particular character, holiday, or some other theme. There is a good chance Sydney will be the last, real-world inspired stop before Mario Kart Tour brings in the New Year.

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Mario Kart Tour is available now on iOS and Android devices.

Source: Mario Kart Tour/Twitter

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