How to Use Yggdrasil Bot?

Yggdrasil bot is a fun discord bot. With this unique bot, Discord users may do things like Fun! Sounds! “Racing! Pranks! Phones!” says its website. This bot provides for many fantastic features and commands such as role-playing deathmatches, pranking members, and even matchmaking and shipping members. One of the best aspects of this bot is that it allows members of one server to call members of another server while still inside Discord.

How do I Yggdrasil a Bot?

It’s easy to add Yggdrasil bot to your Discord server. It takes simply a few clicks.

STEP 1: Visit the Yggdrasil Bot website. You may either Google “Yggdrasil bot” or go directly to their website at

STEP 2: On the Yggdrasil Bot official website, click the green “Add to Discord” icon. Your server will then be visited by Yggdrasil.

STEP 3: After clicking “Add to Discord”, you will be asked to sign in using your Discord account. After signing up or signing in to Discord, pick the server to which you wish to add the Yggdrasil bot.

STEP 4: After selecting the server, the Yggdrasil bot will ask for permission access. It will automatically have administrator access; untick it if you don’t want it to have full server access. Then select Authorize.

The Yggdrasil bot will now be added to your server as seen below.

The Yggdrasil bot is now on your Discord server!! The Yggdrasil bot confirmation message will appear on the right sidebar.

Now all members of your server can use the Yggdrasil bot’s commands. Use the –help command to see the bot’s commands. When you enter this command, Yggdrasil Bot will send you a direct message with a list of all possible commands.

Basic Yggdrasil Discord Bot Commands

General Orders

  • – bot info
  • —avatar [user]
  • —bot-credits
  • —donate – help the bot
  • —invite – invite ygg
  • —ping pings the bot’s latencies

Shows Server Info

  • —userinfo [user]

Fun Orders

  • —pick an item… – make a choice
  • —8ball – ask the 8-ball!
  • —fic name> – fictitious database

Friendship Score @user1 @user2

  • —luck – displays your luck
  • —icecream [user] – custom ice cream cone
  • —random joke
  • —meme

Pokefusion (Random)

  • —quote messageId OR @user – a quote is grabbed
  • —rip – creates a tombstone
  • —dice – dices
  • —ship [second] – dating!
  • —spoilers Hides spoilers
  • —toast – toasts some
  • —useless – useless website link

Creates a Wanted Poster for User


  • —darts [guess]
  • —deathbattle @user1 @user2 –
  • —garage [car] – Examine your garage’s cars.
  • —racing!
  • —fidgetspinner [type]
  • —standoff – Have a standoff.

Phones Input

  • —speakerphone – talk to random Discord users!
  • —flipphone – flips the call!
  • —fuwwyphone – makes you owo talk.
  • —scramblephone – scramble phone numbers!
  • —userphone: talk with users and see who they are!
  • —hangup – Hang up

Animals Orders

  • —bird

Random Kitty

  • —fox
  • —panda – panda
  • —snake

Soundboard Scripts

  • —tts Text-to-speech
  • —airhorn
  • —brainpower
  • —cena
  • —cheer
  • —cricket
  • —dancemoves
  • —doof
  • —fakeerror
  • —fakeping
  • —granddad
  • —heyall
  • —heyguys
  • —jenkins
  • —knocking
  • —oof
  • —trombone
  • —vsauce
  • —wasted

Voice Channel solely uses the Soundboard Commands.

Phone Commands:

One of Yggdrasil bot’s most popular features is Phone commands. These instructions allow members to invite random people or random members from other servers. Then you can talk with them as if they were part of your own server. To do this, enter the command –userphone in a general channel, and the bot will connect a random server user. The –hangup command ends the call. Also, you can play around with the other commands to see what wonderful things they do.

How to Uninstall Yggdrasil Bot From Discord?

The yggdrasil bot can only be removed from the server one way –

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Right-click on the yggdrasil bot icon and select Kick Yggdrasil to remove it from the server.

If you wish to permanently ban the yggdrasil bot from the channel, simply right-click on it and select the Ban Yggdrasil option from the menu. See the image above.

How Can I Set Up My Discord Bot?

The Yggdrasil Bot may not react or be down at times. This can be caused by a complete discord server outage, therefore check the status page.

Also, make sure the yggdrasil bot has enough permissions (This can be done in the Settings tab).

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If the yggdrasil bot still doesn’t react following the preceding procedures, check if you changed the default prefix.


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