Xi Jinping Says China Must Work on Stopping “Separatist Elements” in Tibet

Xi Jinping
Source: Reuters

Chinese state media reported on Saturday that Chinese President Xi Jinping had expressed his concerns regarding growing “splittism” in the Tibetan region. He said that China must work towards maintaining peace and political stability in Tibet.

He said to senior political leaders that they need to protect national unity and spread awareness in the masses to not fall for the separatist sentiment. 

China conquered Tibet in 1950. China claims it liberated the Himalayan region from feudal rule. However, the exiled Dalai Lama doesn’t think that. He compares China’s annexation akin to “cultural genocide.”

A Senior Communist Party meeting was held on Saturday in Beijing, where officials working in the Tibetan government were praised and lauded for their achievements. During the meeting, Xi expressed his concerns over “splittism” in the Tibetan community.

He said officials need to put in more effort to destroy the separatist feelings of society in Tibet. While sermonizing the senior leaders, he demanded that the Chinese Communist Party’s political leaders double down on spreading political and ideological indoctrination in Tibetan schools. 

Xi thinks that doubling down on ideological indoctrination would plant “seeds of love for the united Chinese nation” amongst the region’s youth.

He aims for a future where Tibet will become peaceful, prosperous, developed, socialist, and united. Communist Party plans to work on the integration of local ethnic communities with mainland Chinese society.

Over the years, the adherents of Tibetan Buddhism were forced to adopt socialist ideology and mainland Chinese cultural elements in their daily lives. Since the outbreak of COVID-19 and straining trade relations with the United States has pushed China’s extreme Tibetan society atrocities. 

US Secretary Mike Pompeo has already expressed his concerns over the privacy security of citizens. He thinks using Chinese apps like TikTok is threatening privacy and openly admitted that Washington supports “Autonomous Tibet.”


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