WoW Vanilla vs WoW Classic: Which Should You Play?

Learn more about the two versions of World of Warcraft through our comparison guide.

WoW Vanilla vs WoW Classic: Which Should You Play?

What a time we all live in! As gamers, we’re pretty much spoiled for choice in terms of the library of games that are accessible to all of us. Ever since the launch of WoW Classic back in 2019, there’s been a ton of players that are trying to MMORPG out for the very first time. One might think that the vanilla version got left behind, but that’s certainly not the case.

With the recent release of the Shadowlands expansion to the vanilla version of World of Warcraft, old players have come back to enjoy the newest addition to the family. The Shadowlands expansion was a huge success in comparison to the past expansions that were released that received lukewarm reviews and harsh criticisms. But for a budding player, which version of World of Warcraft should they buy? Is it hard to farm WoW Classic gold compared to retail WoW gold? We’ll be talking about that in detail and more about the key differences between these two versions down below.

WoW Vanilla vs WoW Classic: Which Should You Play?

In Terms of Combat

While both versions of World of Warcraft share similarities such as having the same engine and graphics, some major differences make both unique enough to stand on their own. One of these unique aspects is combat. In the Vanilla version of World of Warcraft, the combat system is much more simple, thereby making it easier to use and is accessible compared to the other version.

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Since the combat is faster and more polished, players don’t need to grind as much as in the Classic version. However, the downside is that the difficulty curve can be quite a hassle for some. Overall, the combat in World of Warcraft vanilla is easy to learn, but hard to master. Since there are also fewer hit points to note about in WoW vanilla, it’s much easier to farm gold there compared to WoW Classic gold.

WoW Vanilla vs WoW Classic: Which Should You Play?

The combat in World of Warcraft Classic is a lot more tedious in the sense that some grinding needs to be done. Since the Classic version is like a “remake” of sort of the older version of what World of Warcraft used to be back when it was first released, this affects the combat where everything goes at a much slower pace; but because of that, everything that you do in the game feels more rewarding because you know that you worked to the bone for it.

Leveling Up

The leveling process is what makes or breaks an online game, and the same applies to World of Warcraft. The leveling speed of both versions greatly differs, with both having good and bad aspects to them. In the vanilla version of World of Warcraft, leveling up is simply not challenging. Period.

Why do you ask? It’s because all of the monsters that you encounter will be the same level as you. With the difficulty curve being so flat, there are hardly any grueling trials to be had which is important to a game like World of Warcraft. Too much anything, whether good or bad, is still bad. In the case of the vanilla version of World of Warcraft, having no challenge at all can easily make players bored of the game after a short time.

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Leveling up in World of Warcraft Classic is exactly as people expected it to be: tough but rewarding. The genuine difficulty that is present in the Classic version results in players playing the game however they want to do. There are quests that are substantially harder than others, but that’s what makes everything fun about it! You can pick and choose your battles in WoW Classic. If you bite off more than you can chew, you’ll be punished for it by having a gray screen in your monitor–your character’s death.

WoW Vanilla vs WoW Classic: Which Should You Play?


From everything else that we’ve said up until now, both versions of World of Warcraft are great games in their own right. It just boils down to personal preference. If you’re still new to the genre and want to experience what WoW has to offer without having too much trouble, then the vanilla version is the perfect pick for you. But if you prefer games with a challenge that can keep you on your toes constantly, the classic version can prove to be a challenging game that will reward you with the thrill that you seek such as the grinding need to get WoW Classic gold. What’s the version that you prefer? Let us know your preferences down below!


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