No Elite Women’s Football Since March Suspension of Sport in England

Women's Football

Hey reader! Hope you are doing well. The coronavirus pandemic has cost so much destruction to every person at both personal and professional levels that sometimes it gets difficult to digest.

Talking about the destruction at the professional level, not just businesses, the corporate and entertainment industry have seen immense damage. Still, sports have also suffered a lot during these trying times.

Now, when gradually, things are coming back to the ‘new’ typical, some sections are still not yet allowed to get back in doing their jobs and businesses. One such example is; women in the national and international sports business.

Women’s Football has made a massive name on its own in the world. Still, now looking at the current conditions, numerous talks are going on about the fate of women’s sports, especially Football. The pandemic has affected the world so much that some well-established things like sports are getting hugely suffered.

Stating what one of the ex-football women players, Alex Scott has to say regarding this concern “Women’s sport has taken a ‘back seat’ because of the coronavirus pandemic.”

What is going on with Football?

Lately, the men’s cricket and Football are about to resume soon. However, there is still no discussion about when women will be allowed to play their respective sport. It has made all the women athletes across the world pretty upset.

According to research, Women’s sport is always underfunded compared to men’s when it
comes to things like marketing and prize money. And now looking at the current situation, what COVID-19 has forced upon the world, making many businesses go bankrupt or challenging to generate huge profits will leave many companies who previously wanted to invest in women’s football not to sponsor them.

If this causes sponsors’ pool to shrink, a pool that was already small, then the future of
women’s Football will be under financial threat. There are so many examples in the past where relegation or financial hardship in sponsoring the men’s sports club has resulted in cutting ties with the women’s team.

If this will happen now as well, then there will be a good reason to worry as women’s sports future will get into a huge risk.

What’s up with Elite Women’s Football?

Since the FA partially funds elite women’s football, the women’s Football has been
undervalued by the FA several times in the past, and during earlier periods of financial insecurity.

Although the association has put significant investment into the women’s sport since
professionalization occurred in 2018. The clubs and the FA have severely cut investments to the women’s game numerous times. Shocking and not acceptable.

No elite women’s Football has been played in England since March’s suspension of
Sport. The governing body has already predicted an estimated loss of £100 million as a consequence of COVID-19.

Although women’s Football is not under the threat of getting axed, looking at the present situation, there are no precise estimations that women’s Football will continue to be invested.

The news is sad and concerning, but we will ask our reader to be still hopeful and pray that women’s sports should be equally important as men’s sports. Taking a leave for now, but we’ll be right back with some more current affairs until then stay tuned and stay safe!

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