Why Women Kill Is Renewed For Season 2

why women kill season 2

Do you love Dark Comedy? I don’t know if you do or not but if you are here then you surely know a popular “Why women Kill”. These series have already launched it’s first season for the audience and now fan’s suspecting whether they are going to release it’s second season or not. “Why women kill” is an American dark drama series which is Comedy-drama.

If you are also a great fan of Dark comedy and wanted to know more about the Why Women Kill Series then stay in this article and know everything about it.

What is Why women kill?

“Maybe not. But I’m sure God’s wife will.”

Why women kill is a Voot drama series which was first aired in 15 August 2019. The show is set in multiple time periods. The best part of the show is it’s plotline which is really worthy to watch. The story revolves around Simone Grove, Beth Ann Stanton, Tommy Harte. The show depicts the events leading which ultimately lead to the main event for which the show has been made. The first season of the show have a total 10 episodes with each episode leading to the next and coming out as a whole amazing dark story.

Why women kill cover

Furthermore, the story of Why women kill revolves around the three women and their relationship. The show mainly focus of these three ladies who are from the three different time period. Now, the series is liked by many and now friends can’t wait for the second season.

But is it really happing? 🤔 Wanna know about it? Let’s dig in the next section and know about the season 2.

Is Why women kill is coming up with Season 2?

“The Bible says thou shalt not kill. God might not understand.”

The Dark comedy show is something which isn’t that popular among people like the other show. However, the fans base of why women kill is true and Honest.

And if you’re one of the Why women kill fan then this section will be very important for you. So, without any delay let me tell you that the Second season have already got renewed by the show makers. Not only this but the show have given a green light and it is on the way in releasing.

Why women kill

By the way many of you might don’t know this but the show was already renewed back in the time when the Season first was ended.

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What is the release date of why women kill 2 ?

Although the series have already given a green flag but we find it quite a scary to comment on it’s release date. Why?

The snowmakers have surely said that the show is going to launch it’s second season and it is a refreshing news for the fans of why women kill because they have waited since 2019 for this to happen.

But there is no official announcement regarding the date. Nobody knows when it is going to release but on the other hand we do know that this series is coming with it’s second Installment.

Why women kill Season 2 trailer?

If you are looking for the trailer of this series then we would like to inform that there is no trailer for the season 2 of why women kill. But if you are new to this series you can watch the trailer of Season 1 for knowing the show better. We will be linking the trailer below.


Who is going to cast in Why women kill 2 ?

When there is a talk about the series the most important thing is the cast and that’s really matter. So, the original cast of the Why women kill was really amazing and they really goes well with each other.

The main character of the show Lucy Liu will be seen as Simone Grove. Fan’s really love her bold and passionate nature and that makes her stand out the crew. The show have great co-actor which adds more interest of people towards it.

Moreover, there is no announcement about the leaving and adding of any other Character in the story or in the show so we expect thi to never happen. The cast of Why women kill is mentioned below, you can check them out.

  • Ginnifer Goodwin will be seen as Beth Ann Stanton
  • Leo Howard will cast as Tommy Harte
  • Jack Davenport as usual as Karl Grove
  • Alexandra Daddario as well known Jade
  • Katie Finneran as Naomi Harte
  • Nick Frost will play the role of Bertram
  • Matthew Daddario will be cast as Scooter
  • Veronica Falcón will seen as Catherine
  • Adam Ferrara will cast as Leo Mosconi
  • Kevin McNamara will play the role of Duke
  • Kirby Howell-Baptiste will be casting as Taylor Harding.

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Review of the series


This is probably the best (touched by grace!) US series that I have seen. The subject is remarkable in itself, the actors fabulous down to the tiniest roles, the suspense addictive, an addiction which never disappoints & is finally satisfied. The stories are complex, full of humor & tears, our suspension of disbelief called upon at times, but hardly felt by the viewer. The 3 periods are carefully reconstructed, interwoven, the décor beautiful to the eye, & significant. I can not recommend it too highly.

Mallory ventura

Fun to watch! A nice distraction from every day life. This show had me hooked from the first episode. I love the different decades, my favorite is the 60’s. The 80’s a close second. I’m not a huge fan that for our generation they make it look like having 3 people in a marriage is totally normal. I still believe in good old fashion commitment, and family values. All in all I find this show dripping with juicy intrigue! I can’t wait for Thursday’s. It’s like having a fun surprise to enjoy that night.

Lavinia Martin

Both my husband and I love this show. Very amusing and well written. The series is amazing and I know that dark comedy is something which every one loves 😉 The complexities that arise when couples go wrong are subtly portrayed and keep you hooked to see how it is going to occur.  I have a favorite scene in every episode and I am so eager for Thursday to see what happens next…. There is so much to love with this, the same house but very different couples, the different times, fashions, social mores, values and norms. What a treasure we have been given !


Why Women kill have definitely given a green light by the authorities and it is surely going to come but when? We don’t know about it. The show was first released in 15 August 2019 and after it finishing the show was renewed for it’s season 2. Now, we just have to wait for the more announcement and if we’ll update you as soon as possible.

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