Witches of East End Season 3 Cancelled?

Witches of East End Season 3

Witches of East End was an American Horror Drama that was released on Lifetime Cable Television Network during 2013-2014. It includes various amazing stars like Julia Ormand, Madchen Amick, Jenna Dewan – Tatum, and Rachel Boston as a family member of the witches. The Witches of East End was basically based on the novel written by Melissa de la Cruz with a name similar to the name of the movie.

On the 22nd of November 2013, Lifetime reported that Witches of East End had been gotten briefly season. The Season debuted on July sixth and will include a sum of 13 episodes with the cast getting back to play their particular characters, in addition to an extra cast part, Christian Cooke.

Cast Of Witches of East End Season 3

Actors started submitting Audition Videos for Frederick, Eva, and Tommy in the period of April 2014. In April, Freddie Prinze JR affirmed to Entertainment Tonight that he would likely not be getting back to the series, having just helped it as out for his friend Mädchen Amick.

On the 25th of April, Ignacio Serriccihio declares through his Twitter that he had joined the cast and was recording in Vancouver. Additionally, in April, Bianca Lawson uncovered that she would join the show.

On May eighth the Hollywood columnist uncovered that Christian Cooke had joined the given role as an arrangement standard. Assuming the job of Frederick Beauchamp, the sibling of Ingrid and Freya.

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On May the nineteenth Deadline announced that Steven Berkoff had booked a common part on Witches, as King Nikolaus, the patriarch of the Beauchamp family and leader of Asgard. In June, Richard Hatem uncovered by means of Twitter that James Marsters had endorsed on to join the show.

Production Of Witches of East End Season 3

It was announced by Eric Winter on his Twitter account that the recording would start in April 2014. After a month spent in the journalists’ room (with uncommon appearances of Rachel Boston, Mädchen Amick, Julia Ormond, and Jenna Dewan-Tatum), going for the special material started on April 4, 2014 – and a first limited-time video was uncovered on Sunday, April 20, during Devious Maids’ debut episode.

Shooting the season debut started on April 22, 2014. Episode two started shooting on May second. Melissa De La Cruz reported by means of Twitter that Debbie Allen was coordinating a scene of the series.

On the 7th of June, Eric Winter presented an image on Instagram of a portion of the cast “practicing” scenes. The image showed them on a dance stage with Debbie Allen and two male artists. On June 10th, a few journalists uncovered through Twitter that producer Joe Dante would be coordinating scene 6. The scene was composed by Akela Cooper. Enthusiasts of the series will see an impressive change in the look and feel of the show.

This is because of the organization utilizing another Cinematographer. The series presently has a more shaded look to it which coordinates with the move in narrating.

Promotion Of Witches of East End Season 3

Lifetime started promoting the Second Season during the debut episode of Devious Maids. A 33-second video broadcasted with cuts containing shots of each character to a remix of the tune “The Beautiful People” by Marilyn Manson, the tune was remixed by Soundbyte Inc.

In the video, a long shot of a road shows up which goes down the road. Dull Imagery is reflected, with a lady playing with a human heart, cockroaches slithering on a skull, and two ladies seeming to kiss. Run is seen gripping at the heart as blood runs down his fingers. An injection of Freya at that point follows, at that point a dose of Madchen.

One more shot uncovers a tarantula sliding across a man’s back. Different fabulousness shots follow, Ingrid rises from a bed, Killian ascends from a pool of water, Joanna is seen appealing while a power assumes control over her, she at that point ascends, seeming to suspend. Freya at that point flies into the air.

The charm shots proceed until the camera arrives at the man toward the finish of the road. The man, who is wearing a hooded top at that point smiles. The slogan “Darkness is rising” plays all through the promotion until another logo shows up for the show, You can see the promotion here.

Cancellation Of Witches of East End Season 3

On November 4th It was declared by means of various press areas that Lifetime had settled on the choice to drop the series after only 2 Seasons. The news was met with colossal reaction from fans and a few Petitions have since been set up to revive the series, with the most noteworthy appeal acquiring more than 55,000 Signatures in only five days.

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Inside a month the appeal had reached more than 80,000 marks. A few Celebrities including Sarah Michelle Gellar, Channing Tatum, William Shatner, and Nicole Polizzi have all communicated support for the mission by means of web-based media, with reality star Nicole Polizzi in any event, posting a video communicating her shock over the abolition of the series.

In the long stretch of December, fans started appealing to Netflix to revive the show. On the 12th of January 2015, the request authoritatively arrived at 100,000 Signatures. The whole Second Season opened up on Netflix on July 7th, 2015, therefore the request expanded significantly, acquiring a large number of new Signatures over the course of about a day.

Many fans of this amazing series are still hoping for the revival of the series but I don’t think that its going to happen.

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