Will We Seethe Bad Moms 3 in 2021? Here, You Will Get to Know Everything Includes the Release Date Plot Cast.

Bad Moms 3

Comedy films especially based on friendships, never fail commercially as well as in the eye of critics. The genre that performs well over the cinemas. Bad Moms is also one of them.

All the 3 series of Bad Moms namely Bad Moms, A Bad Moms Christmas, and Bad Moms 3 are comedy films that originated in America.

Jon Lucas and Scott Moore are the amazing writers and directors of the films.

Bill Block and Suzanne Todd are the producers of the movie Bad Moms and Suzanne Todd alone is the producer of A Bad Moms Christmas.

Bad Moms was released on 19th July 2016, and A Bad Moms Christmas was released on 1st November 2017.

101 minutes or 1 hr 40 minutes was the running time of Bad Moms, while A Bad Moms Christmas had a running time of 104 minutes or 1 hr 44 minutes.

Bad Moms 3

The Plot of the Movie Bad Moms:

The story of Bad Moms is all about three main characters: Amy, Kiki, and Carla. Amy lives in the Chicago suburbs and is married to Mike, who cheated on her with another woman. She kicks him out of her life and started living by keeping all things together with her children, Jane and Dylan. Jane and Dylan often feel too overworked and overcommitted towards their daily life. Amy is a good mother who not only manages her office work but also her household work along with the children. She packs their tiffin, attends their PTAs, helps with the homework, and is active in all extracurricular activities in school. PTA is usually run by Gwendolyn James.

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One day, Amy was so stressed due to the sale plans of Gwendolyn in a PTA that she left it in between and went to a bar. There she meets Carla and Kiki. Carla is a single mom who is very active sexually and has a very free approach towards parenting. She doesn’t care that much about her children. On the other hand, Kiki is a homemaker whose husband doesn’t accept her approach to going out to work and wants her to take care of their four children.

Bad Moms 3

After gossiping and spending the whole night together, Amy gets inspired about providing some freedom to her children. She takes her children for a ride in Mike’s car and asks Dylan to prepare food on his own. Amy then decides to date but feels that she is not that much experienced as she got married at a very early age. However, she then finds a connection with Jessie who had a crush on her. They started spending some special time together.

Amy decides to stand in the election for PTA’s president against Gwendolyn. Gwendolyn, on the other hand, traps Jane in her conspiracy by putting drugs in her locker due to which she gets kicked out of all the extracurricular activities especially the soccer team. Jane and Dylan, both go to Mike’s residence to stay there as they feel that Amy is failing as a mom. Amy also loses her job as she was unable to give a proper time over there.

During the elections, Amy stays at home as she was losing all her courage but Carla and Kiki supported her and made her be a part of it. Amy then gives a very empowering speech about all the mothers over there and wins the election by mentioning a beautiful line that mothers can also fail, they can also make mistakes. Later, Gwendolyn also reveals that she was not living the perfect life, as mentioned by her previously.

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Amy’s positive approach made a big difference in the lives of many after the elections. Jane was again allowed to play in a soccer team, Dylan was capable to do all his work alone now, Kiki’s husband was helping her to manage their children, Carla was now a more responsible mother and all the mothers were now more energized towards their daily work. Amy got her job back as her boss understood that he had taken her for granted and she was happily meeting with Jessie as well. Gwendolyn’s behavior also changed towards them.

In the sequel, all the three moms are now needed to deal with their moms during Christmas.

Bad Moms 3

More to Know About the Upcoming Movie Bad Moms 3:

In the first film, the story revolved around 3 moms. In the second part, the makers involved their moms to make the film more hilarious. To make the 3rd part more entertaining, maybe the makers bring the first generation and the present generation together. The last film got released in November 2017 but still, there is no announcement related to part 3. It might be released in the last of 2021 or next year. However, there is no official announcement made yet related to this topic.

The Cast of Bad Moms 3:

According to the sources, the characters going to be a part of Bad Moms 3 are:

  • Amy Mitchell’s character is played by Mila Kunis
  • Sandy’s character is played by Cheryl Hines
  • Ruth Redmond’s character is played by Christine Baranski
  • Isis Dunkler’s character is played by Susan Sarandon
  • Kiki’s character is played by Kristen Bell
  • Carla Dunkler’s character is played by Kathryn Hahn
  • Jane Mitchell’s character is played by Oona Laurence
  • Dylan Mitchell’s character is played by Emjay Anthony
  • Dr. Elizabeth Karl’s character is played by Wanda Sykes
  • Gwendolyn James’s character is played by Christina Applegate

IMDB Rating of “Bad Moms” and “a Bad Moms Christmas”:

6.2 out of 10 is the IMDb rating of the movie Bad Moms.

5.6 is the IMDb rating of the movie A Bad Moms Christmas

Where Can We Watch The Movie Bad Moms And A Bad Moms Christmas?

Links to watch Bad Moms are mentioned below.

Links to watch A Bad Moms Christmas are mentioned below.

You can also download it from various platforms to watch it offline.


Bad Moms received very good appreciation all over the world and made many fans. It earned a good amount at the box office.

One sequel of the film has already been released and fans are waiting for the next sequel eagerly but it got delayed due to the pandemic. No announcements regarding the release date are made, but we are hoping for the release soon.

Until then, keep enjoying and loving the movie Bad Moms!

If you have any queries regarding the bad moms, you can drop a comment in a comment box. We love to answer your question.


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