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Victoria Pbs Season 4

There is nobody in the world who hasn’t heard about Queen Victoria.

The name has been heard by many but very few people are aware of her lifestyle, her struggles, and her reign. To know about all this a TV series was telecasted in US and UK on different times named as “Victoria”.

A new season Victoria is also on its way to be made.

Victoria is a historical TV drama series that originated in the United Kingdom.

The series was telecasted on 28th August 2016 on ITV in the United Kingdom with eight episodes and on 15th January 2017 on PBS in the United States.

Daisy Goodwin is the creator and Guy Andrews, Ottilie Wilford and Daisy Goodwin are the writers of the series Victoria.

Victoria Pbs Season 4

Paul Drift and David Boulter are the producers of the series Victoria.

There are 3 seasons of the series with 25 episodes and 46 to 89 minutes of running time whereas 4th season is on its way.

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The Plot Of The Previous Seasons And Season 4 of Victoria:

Season 1 of the series depicts the initial life of Queen Victoria from the few years of sovereignty to the birth of her first child Victoria, Princess Royal. She became queen at a very early age of 18 and got married to the Prince of Germany, Prince Albert.

Season 2 shows that she struggles to balance her role as the youngest queen and as a wife. She manages her children, her husband as well as her duties towards the nation. She manages the international relations with France, dramas between the English and the German Royal families, and also the crises that arose at the time of the Anglo-Afghan war and 1840s Famine that took place in Ireland.

Let’s talk about the previous season, season 3 of the series Victoria.

Victoria is pregnant with her 6th child. The revolution reaches Britain soon from Europe. The arrival of her half-sister and the displaced French King in Buckingham Palace stresses out Victoria too much. Monarchy is threatened by the Chartist movement and Victoria is aware of the fact that her people wish to put an end to her rule now. On the other hand, Skerrett and Francatelli want to settle together.

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The rising Chartists movement puts Victoria in a state of confusion. She is confused that should she take a violent decision against her people or should she listen to her husband who wants to run away from the palace and had convinced the Royal family also to move to the Isle of Wight so that they can be protected.

Victoria Pbs Season 4

Victoria and Albert get a chance to educate their children as they get shifted to Osborne House in the Isle of Wight. Victoria is upset as she didn’t want to be away from her public. She calls Palmerston and Russell to her Royal party when the action of Palmerston of calling Kossuth to Britain appeared to be more provocative towards the current situation.

After coming back from Osborne, Victoria and Albert are now at Loggerheads. Albert is all set to go to Cambridge, as he was asked to arrive there for being the chancellor of the University. Victoria on the other hand ignores Skerrett’s letter, who has left services now. In Soho, a cholera outbreak takes place due to which reception for foreign diplomats is interrupted. To find the cause of the disease, Dr. Snow then visits the poor. Skerrett and Francatelli on the other hand are planning to open a hotel together.

An attack is attempted on Victoria in her carriage by an Irishman. She is afraid that Ireland is a divided nation now. This is confirmed by her hairdresser, Abigail. This is obvious that all this had taken place due to the absence of visits of a monarch for a long time. Victoria is then determined to visit the nation against Albert’s decision. Feodora agrees to stay with Vicky and Bertie ad a new educator Mr. Caine is present there. Victoria then calls for Monmouth to come along with the Royal party who were traveling to Ireland.

Season 3 ends with a heartbreaking moment when Victoria sees Prince Albert collapsing right in front of her. The year 1851 is the end of the season when a great exhibition takes place that was pioneered by Albert. After knowing that until 1861, Prince Albert was not dead, there are many stories yet to be told in “Victoria”.

Season 4 might tell the story about the Crimean War that began in 1853 and Victoria has 2 more children Prince Leopold and Prince Beatrice. It will also look after the struggles faced by the couple while raising their children. On the other hand, Lord Palmerston is dreaming about becoming the Prime Minister of the country. The couple also argues with Feodora about the marriage of her daughter.

It may also be possible that the story will jump off to some time and many other important events can be covered.

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The Cast of The Series Victoria:

  • Prince Consort Albert’s role played by Tom Hughes
  • The Duke of Wellington’s role played by Peter Bowles
  • The Duchess of Kent’s role played by Catherine Flemming
  • Baroness Lehzen’s role played by Daniela Holtz
  • Nancy Skerrett’s role played by Nell Hudson
  • Mr. Francatelli’s role played by Ferdinand Kingsley
  • Archibald Brodie’s role played by Tommy Knight
  • Sir Robert Peel’s role played by Nigel Lindsay
  • Mrs. Jenkins’s role played by Eve Myles
  • Prince Ernest’s role played by David Oakes
  • Sir John Conroy’s role played by Paul Rhys
  • King Leopold’s role played by Alex Jennings

Victoria Pbs Season 4

IMDB Rating Of The Series Victoria season 4:

8.2 out of 10 is theIMDb rating of the series Victoria.

Where Can We Watch The Series Victoria?

You can also download it from different websites to watch offline or can stream it online from the above-mentioned links.


After covering 3 seasons, there is still much more left to know about Queen Victoria. There are so many stories associated with her, that the makers are finding it difficult to gather all the information and show it in just a single season. However, there was a rough announcement made by Coleman that Victoria is in making.

Let’s just enjoy the journey of Queen Victoria until then.

If you have any questions, regarding the victoria Season 4, you can drop a comment in the comment box. We love to answer your question.


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