Will We See Gleipnir Season 2 in 2021 or We Have to Wait More

Gleipnir Season 2

Nowadays, Manga becomes popular across the world. Gleipnir is a manga with 9 volumes illustrating the secret story of a boy who transforms into a monster. Season 1 is already released, and season 2 is on its way.

Gleipnir is a Manga series of Japan that was started printing in October 2015 and wrapped up in November 2020 with 9 volumes.

Gleipnir anime TV series was aired on 5th April 2020 and ended on 28th June 2020 with a single season.

Sun Takeda is the writer and illustrator of the Manga Gleipnir.

Kazuhiro Yoneda is the director, and Shinichi Inotsume is the writer of the anime Gleipnir.

Anime consists of a single season with 13 episodes.

Action, horror, and supernatural thriller is the genre of the anime Gleipnir.

Gleipnir Season 2

The Plot of The Manga Series Gleipnir:

A high school boy named Shuichi Kagaya looks like an ordinary schoolboy, but he has a secret identity that should not be shared among people. He transforms into a “god mascot” whenever he feels like an emergency. One day, when the fire is all around and a girl named Claire Aoki was stuck in fire and lost her consciousness, Shuichi uses his power and saves her. He was not supposed to disclaimer his identity in front of anyone but unfortunately, Claire has been aware of his identity now. Claire goes to him and questions him about the confidentiality of his body that how he transforms.

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They both are attacked by a “collector” who was searching for coins. Claire decides to fight with him but Shuichi runs away with her. Shuichi then deliberates over the mystery related to the coin but Claire then informs him that the collector wanted to harm them. She believed that something is special as well as meaningful about the transformation of Shuichi. She notices a zip at the back of Shuichi. As she unzips him she notices that Shuichi is empty inside and she can enter his body and can control him. She then decides to fight and thus defeats the attacker.

Now, they were aware that many more monsters can come to attack them. To be prepared they discover what else they both can do in his suit. Claire’s sister Elena had killed their parents and ran away. Claire uses Shuichi’s power of smell to find her out. They find her but Shuichi believed that she is not that terrifying as explained by Claire.

They fight with Elena, but she appeared to be more powerful than them. They get defeated by her, and Shuichi gets injured. To heal him up, Claire takes him to a hotel where they meet with an Alien. Alien then divulges the secret behind the transformation of Shuichi and also explains to them the meaning of the coins.

Alien informs them that their ship had crashed on a mountain. They visit and explore the mountain to find the coins. Fortunately, they found information about the collectors and their powers. Later, they fight with a monster, but the monster appeared to be more powerful than their hopes.

Claire believed that Elena has her group, so she also wanted to do the same. She was willing to join the group of Ikeuchi. Ikeuchi is a group led by a woman who wears a hockey mask but the group was weak. Despite being weak, Claire wanted to join the group as she needed companions and information. Claire had to make a special pact to keep their secrets so that she can join the group.

Gleipnir Season 2

As Claire joins the group, Sayaka asks about Elena her, but she denies believing the fact that her sister is a murderer. Shuichi and Chihiro on the other hand, look for her wallet, where Shuichi feels the presence of Elena’s monster.

He becomes senseless and didn’t recollect anything about what had happened. Claire finds him in an unconscious state. As they proceed back to the group, he informs everyone that they encountered subordinates of Elena, but he doesn’t remember anything except that.

Sayaka informs that the crashed spaceship has been found by them and they should go to collect coins. To avoid the fight with enemies, Sayaka suggests going from the other side. Chihiro is confused that she should tell the truth that someone has already collected 100 coins. Claire feels on their way that something is wrong.

Shuichi and his team fight with a team of collectors. The collectors’ leader named Madoka put forward an offer to collect coins for them and join their team. Since they attacked one of the members of the collector, Madoka tells that he will kill one of them and allows them to choose any one among themselves who will die.

They decide to back off from the plan of finding the coins that day and somehow escapes from Madoka’s trap. Later, Shuichi visits Alien to ask him something. Kaito, who was once the friend of Elena had collected the coins and is protecting the mountain. After this, the last episode tells us about the incomplete ending. I hope the story of Season 2 will be the continuation of the story where Shuichi, Claire, and their team will land on the mountain where the ship crashed.

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The Characters of The Anime Gleipnir season 2:

The main cast of the series include:

  • Shuichi Kagaya’s voice given by Natsuki Hanae, Natsumi Fujiwara
  • Claire Aoki’s voice given by Nao Toyama
  • Elena Aoki’s voice given by Kana Hanazawa
  • Alien’s voice given by Takahiro Sakurai
  • Nana Mifune’s voice given by Miku Ito
  • Abukawa’s voice is given by Yoshiaki Hasegawa
  • Hikawa’s voice given by Shizuka Ishigami
  • Tadanori Sanbe’s voice given by Hiroki Yasumoto
  • Chihiro Yoshioka’s voice given by Kana Ichinose
  • Ikeuchi’s voice given by Shoya Chiba
  • Subaru’s voice given by Yo Taichi

Release Date of Anime Gleipnir Season 2:

Gleipnir Season 2 is hoped to be released in July 2022, depending upon the scenario of COVID-19. However, an official announcement is still to be made.

Gleipnir Season 2

IMDB Rating of The Anime Gleipnir:

I think the rating of the series will help you to decide to watch the series or not.

  • 6.9 out of 10 is the IMDb rating of the Manga series Gleipnir.
  • 7.01 out of 10 is the rating of the Manga series Gleipnir in myanimelist.net

Where Can We Watch The Anime Gleipnir:

You can also download it from different websites to watch offline. If you wish to stream online, then you can also prefer torent site.


Fans of Gleipnir are eagerly waiting for season 2 to launch. However, season 1 gained average popularity among people, season 2 might be more interesting.

Till then keep watching Gleipnir season 1.

If you have any questions regarding season 2 of The Anime Gleipnir, then you can drop your question in the comment. We love to answer your question.


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