Will We See Beetlejuice 2 in 2021 or We Have to Wait for More for the Sequel?

Beetlejuice 2

Comedy films associated with a little bit of horror and ghosts always entertain the audience.

Beetlejuice is one of the most unusual films ever made and, this can be understood only by knowing the story of the film.

Beetlejuice is a fantasy comedy film that originated in the United States.

Tim Burton is the director and, Michael McDowell and Larry Wilson gave the story of the film.

Michael Bender, Larry Wilson, and Richard Hashimoto are the producers of the film Beetlejuice. The film is distributed by Warner Bros. Pictures.

The film was premiered on 30th March 1988 and consisted of 92 minutes of running time.

The film had a budget of $15 million and gained $74.3 million at the Box office.

Beetlejuice 2

The Plot of the Film Beetlejuice:

Barbara and Adam Maitland are couples living in Winter River, Connecticut. Real Estate agent Jane Butterfield, who is also the pushy cousin of Barbara, is forcing them to sell their house. When they were returning home from the hardware store, they meet with an accident. To save a dog in the middle of the road, their car jumps off the bridge and falls into the river. But they soon return home and didn’t remember anything. They had no memory of the accident and the drive at all. Adam tried to leave the house but found himself in a desert surrounded by monstrous sandworms. After seeing such a horrible scene, he quickly returned home and found a book there which had the title “Handbook for the Recently Deceased”. They soon discover that they died in the accident due to drowning in the river and their spirits got locked in their house.

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After knowing about the death of the couple, Jane sells their house to the Deetz family, who lived in New York. Charles Deetz was a former real estate developer and had a second wife named Delia who was a sculpture by profession. He had a daughter from his first wife named Lydia. Delia makes a plan to renovate the house with her interior designer named Otho. Maitlands, who have turned in a ghost now, try their best to frighten the Deetzes family so that they could force them to leave the house, but they become unsuccessful as they were unseen. They seek the help of the Betelgeuse by taking refuge in the attic where Betelgeuse promotes himself by sending two ads as a bio-exorcist.

Maitlands open a door with the help of the handbook, which leads them to the netherworld and they soon find out that the afterlife is a complex bureaucracy. They find their caseworker, Juno who informs them that if they want the Deetz out of their house then they must need to do so. Maitland inquires about Betelgeuse from Juno. Juno tells them that Betelgeuse was once the assistant of Juno, but now he has become a freelancer. She warns him not to ask for help from Betelgeuse as he was a big troublemaker.

Their daughter, Lydia was able to see them. Maitlands then return to Lydia where Lydia informs them that she has read the handbook, and the trio becomes friends. The desire of Maitlands to put the Deetzes out of the house makes them call Betelgeuse. His rough and rude behaviour convinces the Maitlands that they had committed a mistake by calling Betelgeuse, so they deny working with him. Maitlands then try to frighten the Deetzes when they organize a dinner party. Their plan backfires as the guests find it amusing rather than being afraid. The Deetzes then search for the attic, whereas Otho successfully finds the handbook. To frighten, them Betelgeuse appears as a monstrous snake in front of them and keeps on doing so until the Maitlands told him to stop. Juno calls the Maitlands and scolds them as they provided proof of the afterlife to the living creatures and also called Betelgeuse. Juno asks them to get rid of Deetzes as soon as possible, but they allow the Deetzes to stay in the house as they didn’t want to scare Lydia.

Beetlejuice 2

Charles plans to turn the town into a tourist place by considering it as supernatural. He calls his erstwhile boss Maxie Dean into the town and wants him to have a look. After the arrival of Maxie, he demands to display proof about the supernatural activities. With the help of the handbook, Otho tried to call the Maitlands, but they began to decay. Soon Otho realizes that he thought that the spirits could be called out with the help of the book, but it was a process of exorcism. To help them out, Lydia calls Betelgeuse for help, but he displays a condition in front of her. He asks her to marry him so that he could enter into the living world. Lydia agrees and calls him.

Betelgeuse stops the exorcism and puts Ortho, Maxie, and his wife out of the house. Later, he prepares for the marriage and calls a ghastly minister to complete the ceremony, but Barbara brings sandworms and puts it over Betelgeuse to finish him. Betelgeuse goes back to the afterlife, and Maitlands and Deetzes agree to live together happily and peacefully.

Release Date of the Film Beetlejuice 2:

Beetlejuice remains at the top of the list mostly when it comes to unique films. It is one of the unusual movies ever made. In 2011, Seth Grahame-Smith was selected and hired to write the story of the 2nd part, but nothing happened. In 2015, actor Winona Ryder announced the confirmation of the 2nd part, but the topic never came out again after that. In 2017, Mike Vukadinovich was again hired to write the story, but it was postponed for 2019. Director Burton is himself in doubt about the making of the sequel, but in the future, it might be possible that we will receive Beetlejuice 2.

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The Cast of the Film Beetlejuice:

  • Betelgeuse’s role is played by Michael Keaton
  • Adam Maitland’s role is played by Alec Baldwin
  • Barbara Maitland’s role is played by Geena Davis
  • Delia Deetz’s role is played by Catherine O’Hara
  • Charles Deetz’s role is played by Jeffrey Jones
  • Lydia Deetz’s role is played by Winona Ryder
  • Juno’s role is played by Sylvia Sidney
  • Maxie Dean’s role is played by Robert Goulet
  • Bernard’s role is played by Dick Cavett
  • Otho’s role is played by Glenn Shadix
  • Jane Butterfield’s role is played by Annie McEnroe
  • The preacher’s role is played by Tony Cox

IMDB Rating of the Film Beetlejuice:

7.5 out of 10 is the IMDb rating of the film Beetlejuice.

Where Can We Watch The Movie Beetlejuice?

You can stream it online through the above-mentioned links or can download it from various platforms to watch it offline.


Beetlejuice was accepted by the audience very well despite being a little bit unusual. Fans are also waiting for the 2nd part, but the sequel is in a doubtful state.

Until the confirmation arrives, keep watching Beetlejuice!

If you have any question query regarding Beetlejuice 2, you can drop a comment in the comment box. We love to answer.


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