Will We Ever See Nathan for You Season 5 or It Gets Cancelled for Forever?

Nathan for You Season 5

The comedy series involving a good comedian can never fail to make people laugh. Nathan for You is one of those series that made the audience love it.

Nathan for You is a docu-reality TV series that originated in America that was telecasted on 28th February 2013 on Comedy Central and ended on 9th November 2017.

Comedy Central is the American cable television network.

Cringe comedy is the genre of the show.

Nathan Fielder is the director, and Michael Koman and Nathan Fielder are the creators of the show.

Nathan Fielder, Michael Koman, Dave Kneebone, Tim Heidecker, and Eric Wareheim are the producers of the show Nathan for You.

ViacomCBS Domestic Media Networks is the distributor of the show Nathan for You.

Nathan for You ended with 4 seasons and a total of 32 episodes with a running time of 21 minutes.

Nathan for You Season 5

The Plot of Nathan For You:

Nathan Fielder is a comedian who plays a very unusual version of himself who tries to use his business background and amazing life experiences to help people out from the struggles that they experience by providing them the marketing strategies and management consultants.

Nathan Fielder is a graduate of business school and a consultant as well who wanted to help struggling businessmen. He has a very elaborate and outlandish way of proposing marketing. The show consists of Fielder and his social awkwardness. He loses his self-confidence gradually throughout the show as he sees that his ideas about marketing and management are continuously failing.

Fielder’s character in the show is based on the struggles he faces while dealing with social anxiety. He didn’t want to make the people feel like the comic character that he used to play on-screen but wanted them to feel like the responsible person who delivers all his previous experiences and ideas correctly.

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Nathan also worked on “Late Night with Conan O’Brien”. Over these years the series gathered too much love and appraisal among the people. Many people followed the show wholeheartedly. The critics also praised it very much which was published in “The New York Times” as well. They believed that the T.V series took a closer look at the economy of the 21st century. They also appreciated Fielder as he put a light on the relationship between economy and absurdity.

Nathan for You Season 5

However, there is not gonna be season 5 of the show Nathan for You as Nathan wanted to focus on another project and wanted to put an end to the series. If there would be the next season then Nathan would be the central part of the cast. The other characters of the show keep on changing over the episodes due to Nathan’s behavior who keeps on adding his brilliant comic timing skills into the amazing plans and ideas that he keeps on making to help people.

He often has an unorthodox nature due to which the result of the help comes out to be way different from the original thoughts of the people which was the primary reason for signing the contract. This happens mostly with the ones whom he actually wanna help with his all efforts. He realizes as the episodes pass by that not all people like and enjoy his company. The show also displays the tactics of a comedian to deal with social anxiety.

The atmosphere of the show appears to be quite awkward. The series was filmed in a breezy style like typical documentaries are filmed. Fielder also experiments his ideas on the people’s business by suggesting them the ideas in his gentle but manipulative way. The show also involves some moments of humor in a very traditional way that also arises from the fielder’s amazing ideas that worked very little. Sense of humor in the series arose when he tries to defend his ideas after their failure. In one episode he convinces a realtor to buy a house by telling the fact that there is no ghost or paranormal activity in the house. To convince him, an actual exorcist is bought in the house. This turns out to be a very funny segment when the realtor was discovered to be already harassed by a demon since his childhood but successfully got rid of it.

Most of the series consists of these types of incidences that will make us laugh harder. Critics also appraised it by mentioning that Fielder could easily shape his role in an arrogant, overconfident person who suggests his ideas in a very ravishing manner but he chooses to play his role in such a way that appeared to be misguided in his career and a vulnerable figure as well.

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The show is unique in its way as it is entertaining from every angle. If we see it from the perspective of many alienated schemes, then it appeared to be a great prank show. If we see it from the angle of small businesses, then it appears like a commentary on the American dream.

Nathan for You Season 5

Release Date of Nathan For You season 5

Fans are disappointed with the fact that the series ended very soon with just 4 seasons but are looking forward to future projects of Nathan. If it will release season 5, then it will take at least two years from now. You can expect the release in 2023.

The Cast of Nathan For You:

  • Nathan Fielder
  • H. Jon Benjamin

IMDB Rating of Nathan For You:

8.9 out of 10 is the IMDb rating of Nathan For You.

Where Can We Watch Nathan For You:

You can stream it online from the above-mentioned links or can download it from various platforms to watch it offline.


Despite the cancellation of season 5 people are still hoping for it to happen. They were eagerly waiting for its release, but unfortunately, it’s not gonna happen. Maybe in the future, the show will be renewed.

Until then keep watching Nathan for You!


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