Will There Be the Next Release Date of the Superhero Movie Priest 2?

Priest 2

If you are a lover of horror movies then The priest is one of the movies which will make you frightened. It is an American-based action horror movie. This superhero movie was directed by Scott Stewart. It was loosely adapted from the Korean comic by Hyung min Woo. This movie can also be categorized under the class of vampire fiction or reverie or science fiction.

The priest was released on May 13, 2011, with a running time of 87 minutes. There has been a long war between humans and vampires which has destroyed the planet’s exterior. This movie explains the story of the priests who save the city from vampires.

Priest 2

Is There Enough Content for the Movie Priest 2

Well, as we all know that the movie Priest brilliantly explains a horror-action movie based on vampires. There has been a century-long fight between humans and vampires. Churches make priests save the life of their people from horrifying vampires.

The priest movie tells the story of the priest who tries to find Lucy who has been captured by vampires. Black Hat is the main villain of the movie, who works for the queen.

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Black Hat plans to destroy the city named Cathedral. Priest and Priestess fight to save the city and Lucy. When Black Hat was moving in a train with his army of vampires to attack the city. Priest attacked that train and killed all the army of vampires and saved Lucy with the help of Priestess.

The end of the movie shows that the Queen of the vampires is still alive. The Priest and Priestess are seen driving out of the city to find out where the Queen is? They also have informed the other priests that she has plans of attacking the city.

So, makers have enough content to make the other part of the movie.

The Cast of the Movie Priest 2

If the movie priest will be back with its part two then it is going to have the same cast as the previous one.

The cast of the movie Priest was as follows-

  • Paul Bettany played Priest,
  • Karl Urban played Black Hat,
  • Cam Gigandet played Hicks,
  • Maggie Q played Priestess,
  • Lily Collins played Lucy Pace,
  • Brad Dourif played Salesman,
  • Stephen Moyer played Owen Pace,
  • Christopher Plummer played Monsignor Ornelas,
  • Alen Dale played Monsignor Chamberlain,
  • Madchen Amick played Shannon Pace,
  • Jacob Hopkins played Boy,
  • Dave Florek played Crocker,
  • Joel Polinsky played Dr Tomlin,
  • Josh Wingate played Familiar.

Is There Any Release Date That Has Been Announced by the Makers of Priest 2

How the priest kills the queen of the vampires? is still unanswerable. Fans are waiting to know the ending.

But with a very heavy heart, I have to say that Makers have not announced any official date for the release of the movie Priest 2.

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Trailer of the Movie Priest 2

The makers have not confirmed the movie yet. So, there is no trailer available for the movie Priest 2.

Rating of the Movie Priest on the Various Online Platforms

The visual style of the movie was appreciated by some but the movie missed to impress the critics.


  • IMDB rating- the movie Priest got a rating of 5.7 out of 10.
  • Rotten tomatoes- It holds a score of just 15%.
  • Metacritic- The movie got just 41% positive reviews.

Where to Watch the Movie Priest

you can watch it on Amazon Prime Video

you can watch it on Vudu.

You can also download the movie from torrent and enjoy it offline, or you can select from the above link to watch it online.

FAQs on the Movie Priest 2

Will There Be a Movie Priest 2?

At the end of the movie Priest, it is shown that Priest and priestess with their team go for the search of the vampires and to save the other cities. So, there is a strong possibility that a sequel of the movie will get released.

Final Verdict

Although the movie priest didn’t get that much of a positive response as the fans imagined, yet this movie is surely fascinating for the people who like the horror stories of vampires. The movie has visuals that will make you fall in love.

But as the ratings of the movie are not satisfying for the makers, they are taking so long to announce the sequel of the movie.

Drop your doubts or questions related to the cast, plot and release date of the movie Priest 2 in the comment box, we will feel happy to answer all your questions.

Stay in touch with us for the latest updates on the movie.

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