Will there be a ‘Zombies’ part 2?

*WARNING: Spoilers ahead for What If…? episode 5*

Since it arrived on Disney+ in August, Marvel’s What If…? has proven to be one of the most mind-bending entries in the MCU’s history.

Each chapter takes us to a wildly different reality and episode 5 sees the animated series venture into the world of horror as a zombie apocalypse strikes at the heart of the Marvel universe.

However, the cliffhanger ending of What If…? episode 5 has left fans with plenty of questions, including if there’ll be a part 2, and needs to be explained.

Marvel Studios’ What If…? | Official Trailer | Disney+



Marvel Studios’ What If…? | Official Trailer | Disney+






What If…? episode 5 recap [Spoilers]

Released on September 8th, episode 5 of the series is simply titled What If… Zombies!?

The new instalment is one of the most destructive episodes so far as the Avengers are beset by a zombie apocalypse after Hank Pym brought his wife back from the Quantum Realm after she had been infected by a zombie virus.

The episode centres on the remaining members of the Avengers as they work to find the cure to the mysterious zombie outbreak.

What makes things a little more difficult, however, is that any Avengers who have been infected keep their superpowers, even as zombies.

Marvel Studios | Disney+

Episode 5’s ending explained

Episode 5 ends with a particularly troublesome confrontation with a zombified Wanda Maximoff who is being protected by Vision.

However, after the deadly encounter, Vision realises that he should be saving humanity and he pulls the Mind Stone from his head so that Peter Parker, Scott Lang’s head, T’Challa and Doctor Strange’s cape can find a cure.

The remaining survivors travel to Wakanda to use the high-tech equipment to produce a cure to the zombie virus, using a signal that is being emitted from the Mind Stone.

Marvel Studios | Disney+

However, before the day is saved, a new threat is revealed as Wakanda is being surrounded by another zombie horde and at the head of the army is a zombified Thanos.

Not only that but zombie Thanos is in possession of five of the six Infinity Stones, needing only the Mind Stone to complete the collection.

It seems that the Mad Titan still aims to use the Infinity Gauntlet and will have his eyes set on the Mind Stone. However, as he’s a zombie, it’s unclear if his plans of wiping out half of all life will have changed.

The episode’s conclusion suggests an attack on Wakanda is likely, similar to the one we saw in Infinity War, the difference this time is that the invading army is made up of zombies.

Marvel Studios | Disney+

Will there be a part 2?

Marvel has remained tight-lipped on what each episode of What If…? will entail and so there’s no confirmation that the will be a part 2.

Thanks to previously-released teaser images, we know that episode 6 will focus on Killmonger taking charge at Wakanda rather than continuing the zombie storyline.

However, that doesn’t mean that we won’t catch up with Peter, Scott and T’Challa later in season 1.

As the What If…? trailers have shown, it appears that there will be a crossover episode at some point this season which will see Captain Carter and Star-Lord T’Challa team up with at least Gamora, Thor and Killmonger’s Black Panther, who we’ve yet to meet in the series.

And thanks to episode 5’s cliffhanger ending, it seems likely that the zombie story will be picked up at some point, but whether that’s in season 1’s upcoming crossover or potentially even in season 2, remains to be seen.

Marvel Studios | Disney+

What If…? is available to stream now on Disney+ with new episodes arriving weekly on Wednesdays.

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