Will the Keijo Season 2 Cancelled or continued?

Here You Will get to Know Every Thing include the release date cast plot.

Keijo Season 2

Many people have made their career in various sports and many are still in the line. Anime which is based on the sports background inspire the viewers to excel in whatever sports they are interested in.

Keijo is also one of them. It features a very different and new sport that is completely fictional.

Keijo also called a Hip Whip Girl, is a sports manga series that originated in Japan.

Comedy and Sports is the genre of anime.

Daichi Sorayomi is the writer of the manga that was published in Weekly Shonen Sunday magazine by Shogakukan. It was published from 24th July 2013 to 26th April 2017 and ended with 18 volumes.

The manga was then converted into an anime that was telecasted from 6th October 2016 to 22nd December 2016. It ended with 12 episodes.

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Hideya Takahashi is the director, and Takao Kato is the writer of the anime Keijo.

Nobuhiro Nakayama, Jun Fukuda, Takatoshi Chino, Takeshi Okamura, Ryutaro Usukura, Toshiyasu Hayashi and Atsushi Aitani is the producer of the anime.

The Plot of The Anime Keijo:

Keijo is a fictional sport that is only reserved for women. The Player uses only breasts and buttocks to defeat the other player or send them inside the water. Matches of Keijo takes place on a floating platform known as Land which is situated in the swimming pool stadium.

Nozomi Kaminashi is a very active and jolly girl who dreams to become the richest Keijo player. She was once an athlete, due to which she moves very quickly on the land because of her skills. She has raw power, due to which she is a very good fighter. She has a special and signature attack which she named Vacuum Butt Cannon through which she can blow anything and anyone away. Sometimes she turns out to be a troublemaker at her school. She has the talent to figure out the special talent of her opponent by having a strong curve after having her head in her butt. She has long tied hair of dark blue colour with a white ribbon and dark blue eyes.

Keijo Season 2

Sayaka Miyata is the best friend of Nozomi and was also a judo champion. She is too strong and very fast in the sport and is believed to be a strong competitor among recruits. She uses her skills along with her fast nature in the fight and proves to be the fastest among them. Her father did not agree with her decision to move from judo to Keijo but later accepts it when he sees everyone encouraging her in her current sport. However, her mother always supported her in her decisions.

Kazane Aoba is a soft-spoken girl whose ponytail moves when someone calls her name or when she feels emotions. She has a special power that she calls a Scanning Hand through which she can copy the abilities of her opponents by felling their butts. She has great strategies to fight in the competition and uses her friends’ abilities also.

Non-Toyoguchi wishes to become popular and a Keijo player. She can absorb and reflect the attacks of her opponents. She is also a very awkward girl who can go absent-minded and assumes herself in a comical situation which is never going to happen. Nozomi misunderstands her as she has a different accent when she speaks to Kazane.

She has a special strategy to attack the opponent’s jaw because of which a shock takes place in their brain, thus knocking them down.

Mio is a lesbian who flirts with every girl and is interested in Nozomi. Rin Rokudo was a swimmer, due to which she has an awesome lung capacity. She can move in the water for a longer duration and with great speed without losing her breath. Kotone is the one who is naturally gifted at sports as she belongs to a family of players. She can attack without seeing as she uses vibrations on the land to detect the movement of the opponents.

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Yuko is the main head/teacher of the West team. She gives various tasks to the girls under Keijo. Nagisa was also known as Alluring Siren in the past as she was one of the initial players of Keijo and prize queens also. As she was aware of the Vacuum Butt Cannon power. She becomes the tutor of Nozomi in present. Miku is also one of the teachers over there.

Release Date of The Anime Keijo Season 2:

Season 1 of the show was surrounded by the rumours that there was not a good sale of its version of Blu-ray so Season 2 is not going to happen. However, it turned out to be one of the popular anime according to multiple metrics.

CONTROVERSY -But the rumours spread so fast that they made the makers of the show explain everything about the controversies. The sport of the show became so much popular that a whole new sport was introduced named “Keijo Portugal”.

There is still hope and possibility of next season of the anime. Previously Keijo season 2 was expected to be announced in 2020, but due to COVID-19, it got delayed. An official announcement of the next season is still on hold and will be declared soon.

The Cast of The Anime Keijo:

  • Nozomi Kaminashi’s voice is given by Lynn
  • Sayaka Miyata’s voice is given by M.A.O
  • Kazane Aoba’s voice is given by Kaede Hondo
  • Non-Toyoguchi’s voice is given by Saori Onishi
  • Hanabi Kawai’s voice is given by Rena Maeda
  • Mio Kusakai’s voice is given by Hibiku Yamamura
  • Rin Rokudo’s voice is given by Rie Takahashi
  • Yuko Oshima’s voice is given by Misa Kayama
  • Nagisa Ujibe’s voice is given by Mabuki Ando
  • Miku Kobayakawa’s voice is given by Yoko Hikasa
  • Kotone Fujisaki’s voice is given by Shizuka Ishigami

IMDb Rating of The Anime Keijo:

6.7 out of 10 is the IMDb rating of the anime Keijo.

Where Can We Watch The Anime Keijo?

You can stream it online through the above links or, You can download it from various platforms to watch it offline.


The release date of the next season is not yet revealed, but we are here with Keijo season 1. Based on a sport, it inspires us very much and keeps us motivated in our fields.

Until the release of next season, keep playing your favourite sport!

If you have any query regarding KEIJO SEASON 2, you can drop a comment in the comment box. We love to answer.

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