Will Seeking Sister Wife Canceled or It Return for Season 3?

Seeking Sister Wife Season 3

For those who are unaware, seeking a Sisters wife is a reality of America. The series
depicted the life of families involved in polygamy. The series first premiered on 14
January 2018 on TLC. The series caught the attention of numerous of the viewer. Later
30 January 2019 its second installment hit the screen. Later 3rd season was scheduled
to happen on February 28, 2022.

The Release Date of Seeking Sisters Wife Season 3. When Will It Air?

Season 3 of the series was scheduled to release on February 28, 2021, on TLC. But,
suddenly, it did not appear. TLC pulled the series off from its schedule. Fans are still
wondering why TLC has not released the series so far. Even it does not provide the
reasons to fans for not releasing it. Everybody is clueless about the future of the series.
You must be pondering that what happened to season3 Of Seeking Sister.

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What Happened to the Seeking Sister Wife Season 3 Premiere?

Sadly, we do not know the exact answer to the question. However, there are rumors
that something went wrong with the families. TLC delayed the series to remove the
scenes filmed with that family.

Seeking Sister Wife Season 3

Is Seeking Sister Going to Return?

Well, we can’t say anything about it. TLC has mysteriously removed season 3 without giving reasons. The showrunners have not given reasons to take off the series. At this point, it becomes a mystery. However, the filming of the series is finished so absolutely
there will be season 3 of the series. The series will surely return but we have a release
date so far. We hope that TLC will soon announce the new release date for season 3.

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The Cast of Seeking Sister Wife Season 3? Who Will We See in It?

TLC has not revealed the potential cast of Seeking Sister Wives season 3. However,
the showrunners have revealed that the two earlier families will return for season 3. But
they have not revealed who those families are. From the last season, the Snowden
family likely to come as Vanessa broke from Dimitri and Ashley Snowden.

The Plot of Seeking Sister Wife Season 3? What Will Happen in It?

The series depicted polygamy in the following family.


It consisted of Drew Briney and his wives named Auralee, Angela, and April. April was
the first wife of Drew. They had married for 8 years then Drew Auralee and Angela. We
saw the domestic battle between the family members when all of them move together.
After filming April had leave Drew and divorced him. Later April and her children moved
to the other house. April is now raising her children all alone. The rest of the family lived
together. Drew started the business of woodworking.

Seeking Sister Wife Season 3


We met the Alldredge family in season 2. They tried to adjust to the polygamy family. It
is about Jeff and his wife Melina and Jennifer. It appeared Jeff and his wives gained the
Jackpot. Vanessa and Sharis told that their family has lately shifted to South Dakota.
They wanted to live crime-free life there. In July of 2020, the family embraced their
latest sister-wife, Donna. Later it was revealed that Sharis is pregnant. Donna has her
own problem. She is likely to lose custody of her daughter due to practicing polygamy.

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In season 2, Dimitri and Ashley Snowden married Vanessa Cobb. However, we would
be shocked to see the end of their relationship. Vanessa is still in Australia. She is a
social activist.
Dimitri and Ashely are working tirelessly to foster their businesses.

Seeking Sister Wife Season 3


In season 2, we met the Winder family. Colton and Tami Winder welcomed the new
sister-wife, Sophie. Sadie is the daughter of Colton and Tami. Later Sophie gave birth to
a boy called Ephraim in

Is There Any Trailer Available for Seeking Sister Wife Season 3?

No, TLC has not released the trailer of Seeking sister wife season 3 so far.

What Is the IMDb Rating of Seeking Sister Wife Season 3?

The reality show is not able to satisfactorily entertain the fans. It received a poor rating
of 4.8 out of 10.

Where Can We Watch Seeking Sister Wife Season 3?

Final verdict – The series depicted the cruel concept of polygamy. The series is not
rated well as the concept is hated by numerous people. The popularity of this type of
reality show is kept decreasing.
Well, What do you think about Seeking Sister’s wife? Tell me in the comment section.


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