Whole Foods Bans Black Lives Matter Masks at Work; Gets Sued

Whole Foods

News regarding Whole Foods discrimination against its workers is making it to the headlines. Everyone knows about the protests, riots, and looting that stormed the United States after the tragic death of George Floyd on May 25. 

His death triggered the Black Lives Matter movement’s protests, it garnered solidarity and global coverage. Black Lives Matter which is supposed to be working for racial justice for Black society. WFM is landing negative attention from the public with the employees dragging it to the court. 

Whole Foods: What’s the Controversy? 

What is Whole Foods? It is an upmarket supermarket chain owned by Amazon. Recently it has become a target of its employees’ legal action. They have sued it for committing workplace discrimination.

As per the sources, the employees have accused Whole Foods Market of discrimination. The workers working at various chains across the country allegedly violated the dress code. 

The workers showed solidarity with the Black Lives Matter movement and wore facial masks with “Black Lives Matter” written on them. 

The company took strict action against all the employees who were seen violating the dress code policy of Whole Foods. 

The dress code policy of Whole Foods prohibits the employees from wearing any article, clothing, logo, or slogan on the work which has no relation to their work or company. 

The 14 plaintiffs from states like California and Massachusetts have joined the lawsuit. It’s expected that more workers from other states will join the lawsuit against the company. 

The enforcement of the dress code and termination of employees is the main reason behind the lawsuit filed by the plaintiffs. The lawsuit was filed against the supermarket chain on Monday in Boston, MA. 

Whole Foods vs. Workers

The company cited their dress code in the defense, whereas workers have called it hypocrisy by the company. They have pointed out that it is discriminating against it. In contrast, earlier, the company allowed the workers to wear pins and flags supporting LGBT rights. 

They also claimed that there’s no action taken against those who wear clothing with sports companies’ names and logos. 

Shannon Liss-Riordan, who’s a lead attorney, has called Employer’s action as “Not only illegal but shameful.” 

The plaintiffs demanded that the company not enforce the dress code and revoke the termination of employees who were wearing BLM masks. They also demand monetary compensation from Whole Foods. 

While who’s right and who’s wrong is a subjective matter for us, it will be interesting to find out the outcome from this lawsuit against Whole Foods.

Final Words

The private companies are free to enforce their dress code at the workplace, but we expect them to not discriminate. Some workers get to enjoy relaxation in the dress code, and others face strict action. Is it good for company’s reputation?

What’s the opinion you have on it? Let us know that through the comments, and don’t forget to share the article with your friends who support BLM. 

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