Who is Logan Van Dorn, the man from that viral beach video?

This week, a video has been going viral that shows a man harassing a group of girls on a beach for wearing bikinis.

The clip was posted by TikTok user @ggarbagefairy who filmed the man approaching her on the Colorado beach.

Now, people have uncovered his name, Logan Van Dorn, and he’s even posted his side of the story on TikTok.

TikTok – 5 Senses Trailer



TikTok – 5 Senses Trailer





Who is Logan Van Dorn?

Logan Van Dorn is a man from Colorado who has gone viral this week after he was filmed lecturing a group of girls on a beach about swimwear.

As per his Instagram, he is seemingly very religious, is in a band, likes basketball, and also recently proposed to his now fiancé at Lory State Park.

He also has a TikTok where he has 12,000 followers and has posted music and basketball videos.

Videos by @ggarbagefairy and @loganvandorn on TikTok

A TikTok user filmed Logan on the beach

On TikTok, a girl called @ggarbagefairy posted two clips that show her being harassed by Logan, who approached them on a beach and claimed their bikinis were too revealing.

“Why are you dressed this way?” he says, to which one girl replies “I’m at the beach and I’m in a bathing suit” and asks him to leave. 

He then rudely claps back and insists that she’s actually wearing a “thong and bra” before calling her clothing: “P*rnography”.

“They don’t need to see p*rnography, you’re flaunting your stuff,” he continues, to which she simply replies: “Don’t look at me then, why are you looking at me? Close your eyes.”

He then argues that there is “free will in America” and “freedom of speech” which gives him the right to come over and state his opinion.

“If men of God don’t stand up, then our society is going to go down the drain,” he says as the women say they’re atheists. 

“If you’re atheists that doesn’t mean you have to show your body off, you can still put clothes on… next time you come to the beach and there are young eyes, take that into consideration,” he continues.

He then says that he would rather the girls wear a “one piece” or something that’s “actually modest” before concluding: “You don’t need to be showing your body… there’s gonna come a day when you’re gonna have to come face-to-face with God.”

Logan has told his side of the story

After the videos gained over three million views in total, Logan took to his own TikTok @loganvandorn to tell his side of the story.

He explained that he was paddle boarding with his family at the lake when someone in his family said: “Hey, we’ve got to move, there’s some women here who are showing too much.”

Logan claims that the family member didn’t want their young children to see those things. Then, “anger” and “boldness” came over him and he decided to confront them.

“I wanted to spread truth that what you’re wearing is not okay for a nine-year-old boy or a six-year-old boy to see,” he said before explaining that being introduced to p*rnography at a young age himself “destroyed him”.

“Just to clear everything up, I’m not going to apologise, I’m, going to continue to stand on the word of truth and God. Our society is on such a decline of morality,” he added.

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