Who is Alexis Ren’s ex from emotional Call Her Daddy podcast?

Model and influencer Alexis Ren appeared on podcast Call Her Daddy where she discussed a previous relationship which she claimed turned sour because of “money and power.”

Although Alexis didn’t name the ex, through context we can deduce that the ex-boyfriend in question is Jay Alvarrez, who was with Alexis from 2015-2017.

Alexis mentioned a tweet she posted in regards to the ex in 2017, which she said she regretted, and the person it was aimed towards was Alvarrez.

Alexis Ren explains relationship was “set up to fail”

Alexis Ren explained how she became famous when she began her relationship with her ex-boyfriend. The two were known for their lifestyle content and aesthetic pictures, but Alexis said that the relationship soon turned sour. She said:

“We were two kids with an unlimited amount of power and in a relationship that was amazing at first, and I genuinely do think he loved me and it was real for a little bit.”

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Alexis continued on to explain:

“When the business of our relationship became bigger than the connection itself, that’s when it started to deteriorate.”

However she said that the two of them were “amazing lessons” for each other.

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What ex was Alexis Ren talking about on Call Her Daddy?

Although Alexis didn’t mention her ex by name, fans were able to deduce that she was talking about Jay Alvarrez. The two got together in 2015 and shot to fame with their Insta-perfect pictures and luxurious holiday snaps.

Alexis stated that money and business is what caused the relationship to fail. She said: “In society when money and power becomes the main purpose, then the connections become collateral damage.”

The model also said that she felt as though her ex needed her to stay in the relationship in order to “maintain the business.”

When asked by host Alice Cooper about the abuse she says happened, Alexis also said that she “can’t remember” some of it because she has “disassociated.”

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