Where was Netflix’s Prey Filmed? Filming Locations Explored

Reminiscent of David Bruckner’s The Ritual, Netflix’s German thriller Prey puts five hikers deep in the wilderness and pits an unknown hunter against them.

Similar to the aforementioned The Ritual and cult horror film The Blair Witch Project, Prey takes place primarily within the wilderness and dense forestry and we explore the filming locations used to set the thriller’s overbearing feeling of being trapped.

Don’t Look Up | Official Teaser Trailer | Netflix



Don’t Look Up | Official Teaser Trailer | Netflix






Prey Filming Locations

Prey was primarily filmed in Germany with principal photography beginning in November 2020 and filming being wrapped around December of the same year.

Thanks to the production’s small cast and crew roster, combined with the remote filming locations used in the wilderness, filming for Prey was not majorly affected during the brunt of the pandemic. 

The film was reportedly shot in chronological order, meaning there was never any overcrowding on set as actors appeared when their scenes came about. 


Saxony, Germany

Filming for Prey took place within the Saxon Switzerland National Park, located in Saxony, Germany near the capital, Dresden.

The park features diverse terrain, including hills, rocky formations, and endless foresty. The park’s fissures and canyons were also used within the film’s exterior, presenting many challenging footholds for the characters traversing them.

The rocky setting featured in Prey is reported to be part of The Bastei, which is a collective group of naturally formed rock formations that rise hundreds of meters into the air. This rocky terrain is the setting for various scenes throughout the film as well as the feature’s climax.

The Elbe river, which sits nearby Saxon Switzerland National Park, can be seen in a few scenes also. Additionally, many lodges found throughout the park, used as Eva’s residence and other huts where the characters take shelter, were also used within the feature.

Thanks to Prey‘s filming in the national park, tourist visits raised dramatically, welcoming visitors and artists interested in embracing the beautiful landscapes – without the fear of being hunted.

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