When Will We See MONOGAMY SEASON 3 ?

Will there be any confirmation on the release date and cast of season3 ? Here you will get all the latest updates related to it.

MONOGAMY is an American television drama series that is also get realised worldwide. This series was written and directed by Craig Ross Jr. His wife, Caryn Ward Ross, helps him in the story and also acts in the series.

Craig shows four married couples and their unconventional form of therapy to reiving their failing relationship.

Two seasons of the series came out, and each season contains six episodes. The first episode of Monogamy season1 was air on May 4, 2018, and the last episode was air on June 7, 2018.

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The second season of Monogamy was air from November 14, 2019, to December 19, 2019. It’s all episodes that got released on Urban Movie Channel Network. Both the series are liked by the viewers and get good ratings also. So, the makers and UMC announced Monogamy becomes the streamer’s most popular program. The series Monogamy premiered on Netflix worldwide in 2020.

The composers of the Monogamy series are Gregory De Lulio, Nelson K. Johnson, and Jawaan Lowery.

Here, we will be giving you all the updates about Monogamy Season 3.

The Plot of MONOGAMY SEASON 3 :-

There are four Married couples from different places in the USA and strangers from each other. They were having some issues in their married life. Thus, it became a cause of quarrel between them. One Day, they came to know about an experimental therapy named “Swipe Therapy” to smooth their relationship. They travel to Los Angeles to be part of the therapy.

In LA, they swipe to each other where they get paired with different partners.

In the first season, they experience swipe therapy experiments. Where all the couples think about whether their partners love them or not. They get some tasks with their swipe partners. In the end, they get some decisions about their relationships.

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The second season starts where they have to decide to stay in the therapy game or not. After that, they realized that it isn’t over. They started to give value to each other opinions and talked about all the unspoken plans related to their relationships. In the mid of season2, they show the incident that happened between two couples in Vegas. At the end of season two, they realised that they were valuing their problems more than their partners, and this mindset had caused all the detentions, happened between them.

In season 3, we can expect that the makers will continue the story of season 2. The intricate story of the emotion of season 2 will get solved in

Monogamy Season 3. Season 3 will continue the legacy of the emotion of season2

Release Date of Monogamy Season 3:

Urban Movie Channel(UMC) Networks streaming service decided to release their top-rated tv series Monogamy season3. The first two seasons had released in adjacent years.

But, we all know, Covid-19 Pandemic has affected every sector of the economy, and the entertainment sector is no exception. Seeing the inquisitiveness about the monogamy season 3, among the fans, We will expect that season 3 will come soon. If we take a deep analysis of the news across the internet, we can expect Monogamy Season 3 somewhere in August or September.

The Cast of Monogamy Season 3:-

When we watch the series, we can feel that the makers have chosen the best cast who make the series more interesting. The third season will be explaining the story after season 2. So, the cast of Monogamy season 3 will be the same as the first two seasons.

  • · Jill Marie Jones starred as Maggie.
  • · Brian J. White starred as Dallas.
  • · Vanessa Simmons starred as Caroline.
  • · Darius McCrary starred as Connor.
  • · Wesley Jonathan starred as Carson.
  • · Caryn Word Ross acts as Sincere.
  • · Blue Kimble starred as Sawyer.
  • · Chrystee Pharris starred as Diandra.

IMDb Rating of Monogamy Season 3:

Viewers have shown their love through ratings on various online platforms.

The American TV series Mongamy have got a decent rating of 7.1 out of 10.

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Is there any trailer available for Monogamy Season 3?

Well, there is no trailer available for Monogamy season 3 yet.

But, Soon, we will get to see the trailer. We will update you about all the latest news related to this series.

Where can we watch Monogamy season 3?

The third season of Monogamy is yet to release.

You can watch the Monagamy season 3 from the above-given link, or you can download it from the torrent and enjoy it.


The first two seasons of Monogamy were full of entertainment. Both the seasons got too much love from the viewers. There were four couples and their issue related to their relationship and therapy to save their relationship. The concept of the series is unique and loved by the viewers.

The third season will also contain the same cast and character and continue the story where they left.

I am sure you will also like its third season as you like the other two seasons.

If you have any query regarding the Monogamy season 3, you can drop a comment in the comment box. We love to answer.

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