When Will the Chrome Shelled Regios Season 2 Aired?

Chrome Shelled Regios Season 2

The adventure and Fantasy genre is always supported by the audience very much. Chrome Shelled Regios is one of them.

Based on Post Apocalyptic environment, it is very popular among the people. Season 1 received too much love from the viewers, and the same is expected from season 2 as well.

Chrome Shelled Regios is a light novel series that originated in Japan.

Shusuke Amagi is the writer, and Miyu is the illustrator of the Manga Chrome Shelled Regios.

It was published in Dragon Magazine by Fujimi Shobo in 25 volumes.

The manga was published on 18th March 2006 and ended on 25th September 2013.

The manga was then converted into an Anime, which was aired from 11th January 2009 to 20th June 2009 with a single season.

Itsuro Kawasaki is the director, and Mamiko Ikeda is the writer of the anime.

Tomoko Kawasaki, Tsuneo Takechi, Seiichi Hachiya, Tomoko Suzuki, Yuka Harada, and Atsuyuki Okamoto are the producers of the anime.

The series wrapped up with a single season of 24 episodes.

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The Plot of The Anime Chrome Shelled Region:

The plot of the anime is all about the people who are forced to learn about the usage of weapons so that they can tackle the problems and attacks that originated because of monsters. They are forced to live in Region, which is a city over there so that they could protect themselves from the monsters.

The story starts with fighting in a flashback. Pollution and some contaminated beasts have terrorized the earth very much. The mobile cities that are manmade are the source of humanity now. A person named Layfon appears in Zuellni which is an academic city and joins a platoon to become a new member of it. He had his reasons not to fight and also has a past that tortures him physically and mentally. He establishes friendships with the captain of platoon 17 named Nina, and with others also. However, due to the difference in the thinking of Layfon and Nina, their relationship turned out to be tensed initially. Layfon is very troubled as he wanted to find the significance of the fight whereas Nina wanted to become stronger.

Chrome Shelled Regios Season 2

Leerin who lives in Glenda and is waiting for the return of Layfon is visited by a silver-haired youth who suddenly appears before her. On the other hand, a task is given to investigate a damaged city to Layfon’s platoon and Platoon 5. There Layfon’s past gets uncovered. The investigation starts with the illegal liquor. Salinan Mercenaries also appear there and Layfon was asked to assist the police. They find a group of people who were having fake student passes along with them. Among them was Haia, who is the third-generation head of the strongest mercenary. This news makes everybody confused that what she is doing there.

Leerin struggles to meet Layfon while Nina prepares a training camp before a match for her team members. On the last night of that training, Layfon gets injured due to collapsing of scaffolding. A crisis is faced by platoon 17 then. Several monsters head towards Zuellni after the disappearance of Nina. As Nina reappears, she is left with no reason to justify her disappearance. Leerin soon arrives and meets Layfon. Leerin was the childhood friend of Layfon and there is also a rumour that Leerin is his legal wife. She has been waiting for a long time to spend some quality time with Layfon. They spend time together and Leerin passes something to him that was a dite entrusted by Derek. He was the parent and mentor of Layfon. It appeared to be proof of forgiveness that was rejected by Layfon due o which Leerin was very worried.

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Zuellni is in a state of emergency as Savaris who was hiding in the city for a long time tries to contact a suspicious person. Nina being unaware of the importance of meeting with Van Allen Dee visits him in a weird environment. Leerin’s arrival over Zuellni changes Layfon’s relationships with Nina and Felli. Layfon is after Savaris so that he could catch him and saves Zuellni.

They fight with many monsters, and Layfon faces his past.

Will Layfon be able to deal with his past? What is the future of Zuellni? Will they win over all the monsters? What is the hidden secret of Layfon?

All these questions will only be answered when we will watch the anime and when the next season will be telecasted.

Release Date of The Anime Chrome Shelled Regios Season 2:

The storyline ended with the end of season 1 so it is very difficult to guess about season 2. However, the existence of season 2 is yet not confirmed. There is no official announcement made related to Chrome Shelled Regios season 2. But we should never underestimate the thoughts of a writer and various developers. Maybe a new storyline with some different characters originates and wins the hearts of many.

The Cast of The Anime Chrome Shelled Region:

  • Layfon Alseif’s character is played by Nobuhiko Okamoto
  • Felli Loss’s character is played by Mai Nakahara
  • Nina Antalk’s character is played by Ayahi Takagaki
  • Harley Sutton’s character is played by Daisuke Sakaguchi
  • Sharnid Elipton’s character is played by Kisho Taniyama
  • Leerin Marfes’s character is played by Mikako Takahashi
  • Mei-Shen Trinden’s character is played by Asuka Ogame
  • Naruki Gerni’s character is played by Fuyuka Oura
  • Queen Alsheyra’s character is played by Akeno Watanabe
  • Karian Loss’s character is played by Takehito Koyasu
  • Mifi Lotten’s character is played by Eri Sendai
  • Dixerio Maskane’s character is played by Hiro Yuki

IMDB Rating of The Anime Chrome Shelled Region:

7.2 out of 10 is the IMDb rating of the anime Chrome Shelled Regios.

Where Can We Watch The Anime Chrome Shelled Regios:

You can stream it online from the above links or can download it from different platforms to watch it offline.

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Season 1 ended a long time ago in 2009 and the prediction of season 2 is also possible right now, but we can hope for the best and have trust in the writer.

No official announcement regarding season 2 is made yet, but we can wait and until then keep watching Chrome Shelled Regios.

If you have any query regarding the CHROME SHELLED REGIOS SEASON 2 then you can drop a comment in a comment box. We love to answer that.

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