When will SAINTS ROW 5: Open World Crime Release?

Here, you will get to know everything about season 5 including, the release date, map, and different platforms on which it launches.


The genre of action and exploration always attracts gamers towards itself. Roaming in the city and gaining points to unlock different tasks and missions never fails to impress the gamers.

This type of game ignites the explorer inside the gamers to reach more levels. Saints Row is also one of them.

Saints Row is a video game full of action and adventure.

Volition along with High Voltage Software (2015) is the developer of the video game whereas THQ (2006-2013) was the publisher of the video game Saints Row. The present publisher (from 2013) of the video game is Deep Silver.

The game was first released on 29th August 2006 with the title Saints Row.


Saints Row: The Third Remastered is the latest release of the video game which, came into existence on 22nd May 2020. 

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Overview Of The Amazing Video Game Saints Row:

The game generally focuses on an open world. The player needs to complete all the missions assigned to him/her and thus the overall story of the game progresses. Many side activities are also present here, which engages the player even more. The gameplay is almost about shooting and driving. Roleplay is also available occasionally.

The video game series became popular very early as it mainly focused on parodies, popular culture homages, and self-referential humor, which were more sharpened by the release of the third series of the game.

It was closely compared with GTA i.e. Grand Theft Auto in its early release that’s why the developers made it different by adding more comedic and beyond reasonable limit experiences.

Two fictional locations are present in the game:

  • Stilwater
  • Steelport


Chicago, Detroit, Cleveland, and Baltimore are the basis of the modeling of Stilwater. Saints Row and Saints Row 2 have their setting in Stilwater. The location is the Midwestern state of Michigan, United States. The Red Light District of Stilwater is based in Harlem where The Cotton Club represents Raykins Hotel. Many changes were made in the design of the Stilwater as the original design was too large to fit in the gameplay. It was cropped and then installed. Shopping malls and trailer park districts were also included in Saint Row 2. The engine was then designed in such a way that it streamed around the location of the player in small parts of the city. The developers made the changes in such a way that the difference while changing the district appeared to be realistic rather than just a change in visuals.

In Saints Row 2, the city was 45% bigger than the older version. In the 2nd part, the city appeared to be more realistic and detailed. Saints Row 2 is in-game load screens free. There are 90 different shops and 130 interiors in the city. Some of the environment is destructible also.



New York City is the root of the modeling of Steelport. Here, the Saints keenly aim to take revenge and take over their city, Steelport. Steelport was not that impressive as Stilwater as almost the same districts were present in it. However, a memorable feature is present in it in the form of a large statue of Joe Magarac, a folk hero, that was completely inspired by one of the seven wonders, the Statue of Liberty. Different choices made in the game’s world, create some minor changes in the city as well.

Saint Row 4 is also set in the Steelport

The Gameplay Of The Video Game Series Saints Row:

Action, adventure, and vehicular gameplay are the overall combined elements of the series. The player is allowed to freely roam here and there in the whole city on foot or with the help of a vehicle of choice. He/she can also use a weapon to defeat the enemies. Illegal activities done by the player will initiate a lethal response and controllable actions from the authoritative figures. If the player dies or gets arrested, he/she will reappear near a hospital or police station.

The player is connected to a street gang who are properly hip-hop cultured and are known as 3rd Street Saints. Missions of the game are divided into mission arcs. The mission arcs are never mixed but can be played all together or one by one by the player.

Missions can be unlocked by achieving respect points. The currency of the game is respect which can be achieved by playing the non-story mini-games like the activities and diversions shown in the game i.e. the extra activities. The player can customize the clothes and appearance of the character by itself and can take their vehicle to the shop for modification.

Saints Row 2 allows the player to decorate the interiors and improve the behavior of the Third Street Saints gang. A wide variety of cars and gag weapons is an interesting feature of Saints Row 3. Customization of the cars, motorcycles, and colors of the weapons are also allowed in part 3. After completion of the game, Sky Diving is also an opportunity provided by the developers in Saints Row 4.


The Platforms Where The Video Game Saints Row Can Be Played:

  • Xbox 360
  • Xbox One
  • PlayStation 3
  • PlayStation 4
  • Microsoft Windows
  • Linux
  • Mobile Phone
  • Nintendo Switch
  • Stadia

Releases Of The Video Game Saints Row:

  • Saints Row was made public in 2006
  • Saints Row 2 was made public in 2008
  • Saints Row: The Third was made public in 2011
  • Saints Row IV was made public in 2013
  • Saints Row: Gat Out of Hell was made public in 2015
  • Saints Row: The Third Remastered was made public in 2020

Saints Row 5: The New Release:

The game came into the limelight as soon as it was released. Fans are now waiting for the new release of the game “Saints Row 5”.

On 6th April 2021, it was announced that the Saints Row video game will be back with a newer version that will be accessible to all. The confirmed partners of the series attended the conference as well.

There was a rumor that Saints Row 5 is going to be a sequel of “The Third” one. Later, it was confirmed by Alex Q. Ryan on Twitter that Saints Row 5 may be going to be a look-alike of Saints Row: The Third Remastered. It was just an indication by him. Saints Row 5 could be a sequel of Saints Row: Gat Out of Hell.

It can be said that Saint Row 5 may be available on PS5 and Xbox Series X as well.

The game may be available by the end of 2021, as per the sources. However, the date of the release is not yet officially announced.

IMDB Rating of Saints Rows 4

It scores 7.8 out of 10 in the IMDb rating.


Saint Row is quite a famous game among gamers. A better version of the previous one never fails to attract the audience. Soon Saints Row will be back with its newer version of 2021, for which fans are waiting eagerly. Until then, keep playing the previous series.

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