When Will Nightflyers Season 2 Come?

Nightflyers Season 2 is an American television series which is based on the research of the team of scientist. But when will it come?

Are you searching something crispy about any horror science fiction series? If you are in search of such series then let me tell you one thing that now your search is complete. Here is the complete info about one such series i.e. Nightflyers Season 2.

“The science of today is the technology of tomorrow”


Nightflyers is nothing else but an American horror science fiction television series. Initially, it was premiered on 2nd December, 2018 on Syfy in the United States. Also, it was aired internationally on 1st February, 2019 on Netflix.

Nightflyers is the series which is based on the novella and some series having short stories. The 1st Season of Nightflyers consist 10 episodes that concluded on 13 December, 2018. After the premiere of the 1st Season, all the fans (including me) are thirsty for the next Season.

Keeping this thirst in mind, here is all the recent updates of Nightflyers Season 2 like what happens in it, the cast characters, when will it premiere, the trailer and much more………..

Firstly, let me ask you a question- Have you enjoyed the previous season of Nighthflyers?

If you haven’t seen then the IMDb Rating of the series is given below that may help you to recognize the popularity of the series. So, start scrolling down…………

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Nightflyers Season 2

As I already mentioned above that Nightflyers Season 2 is an American horror science fiction television series. It is written by George R. R. Martin.

In this a team of scientists goes on a journey into space that aboard a ship called the Nightflyers just to make 1st contact with an alien life. When violent events occur, the team starts to ask question with each other and to feel there is something on board. Then, it depends on the crew to save themselves as well as the ship.

What Will Happen in Nightflyers Season 2?

In Nightflyers Season 2, the story follows a team of scientists and also a powerful telepath on the board named The Nightflyer.


The Nightflyer is a spacecraft which is the most advanced ship in the galaxy as well as it is full of secrets. In the 2nd Season, the team embarks on a journey to a space just to create the 1st Contact with the life of aliens.

But when the events that are violent occur, the team begins asking questions and realizes that there is something on the board. Finally, everything depends on the crew because the crew can only save the ship and themselves.

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Cast/ Characters of Nightflyers Season 2| Who’s in It?

  • Eoin Macken as Karl d’Branin, an astrophysicist as well as the leader of the Nightflyer expedition
  • David Ajala as Roy Eris, the reclusive captain of the Nightflyer
  • Jodie Turner-Smith as Melantha Jhirl
  • Angus Sampson as Rowan, a xenobiologist
  • Sam Strike as Thale, an L-1 telepath
  • Maya Eshet as Lommie Thorne, a cyberneticist
  • Brían F. O’Byrne as Auggie, chief engineer of the Nightflyer
  • Gretchen Mol as Agatha Matheson, a psychiatrist

As it is a well known fact that characters play a vital role in the progress of any field. Above mentioned are the leading characters that made the series (Nightflyers Season 2) heart touching for all the fans.

When Will Nightflyers Season 2 Premiere on Our Screen?| the Release Date

It is officially announced by Syfy that Nightflyers will not come with the 2nd Season.

As per the cancellation by Syfy, it is not clear whether all the fans will get the next season of Nightflyers. Therefore, the premiere date of Nightflyers Season 2 is a mystery for all the fans (including me).


As per the deadline, Syfy made the decision to cancel the science fiction series named Nightflyers Season 2.

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Why Is Nightflyers Season 2 Cancelled?

As per the deadline, the ratings of Nightflyers Season 1 were not so much good. Also, the network opted to leave the series. The cancellation of Nightflyers gives a short cut for the Syfy Channel.

Is There Any Trailer of Nightflyers Season 2?

As mentioned above that there will not be any 2nd Season of Nightflyers. Therefore, there is no official trailer of Nightflyers Season 2 out yet. But if you haven’t seen the 1st Season then there is a official trailer of the 1st Season of Nightflyers.

IMDb Rating of Nightflyers

The IMDb Rating of Nightflyers is 5.9 out of 10 with only 11,753 votes. That is not sufficient to renew the next season.

Frequently Asked Questions

Will Nightflyers Be on Netflix?

Nightflyers which is the trending new science fiction series is currently streaming on Netflix now.

What Happened to the Nightflyers?

The end of Nightflyers is a Confusing Mess of Possibilities.

Final Words

Nightflyers Season 2 is one of the best science fiction television series. It is based on the scientific methods used by the team of the scientists just to resolve the basic problems faced by the people on the earth. But the series got cancellation which might be disappointing for all the fans…………

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