When Will Breakout Kings Season 3 Premiere?

All the fans are eager to know more about Breakout Kings Season 3. Here is everything about the 3rd Season of Breakout Kings............

Do you like drama series? If you really love to enjoy such series with full enjoyment then exactly this is the perfect place for you. As here you will get to know about the series named Breakout Kings Season 3.


Breakout Kings is an American drama TV series. Initially, it was aired on the A&E Network and premiered on 6th March, 2011. I’m sure that Breakout Kings is the most enjoying and watching drama series for adults.

Breakout Kings focuses on the work assembled by the U.S. Marshals just to catch escapees of prison. Some of the recent victims are given to aid in this effort and promised to transfer the prison. In case any prisoner tries to escape from the prison then their sentences will be doubled and will come to their prisons.

The 2nd Season of Breakout Kings premiered on 4th March, 2012. The finale of the 2nd Season aired at 9 p.m. on 29th April, 2012. After this, Breakout Kings Season 3 becomes demand of all the fans (including me). Don’t you?

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If you are eager to know about the 3rd Season of Breakout Kings then here from this article you will get to know about the series in depth like the storyline, the names of the casting characters, the upcoming date, the trailer…………….

Breakout Kings Season 3

Among all the fans, Breakout Kings Season 3 is one of the demanding series which is an American drama television series. It is produced by Fox21. Nick Santora and Matt Olmstead, both are the creator, writer, executive producer of the series.

Earlier, they both worked together on Prison Break. The executive producers of Breakout Kings are Peter Chernin, Katherine Pope, and Gavin Hood.

Let’s talk about the Upcoming Date of Breakout Kings Season 3……….

When will Breakout Kings Season 3 come?

The 3rd Season of Breakout Kings was canceled after 2 Seasons by A&E on 17th May 2012. So, there won’t be Season 3 of Breakout Kings.


This might be disappointing for all the lovers of the series that their favorite series will not renew for the 3rd Season……………Let’s hope something better for it…………..

The Casting Characters of Breakout Kings| Who’s in it?

  • Laz Alonso as Charlie Duchamp, a Deputy U.S. Marshal
  • Domenick Lombardozzi as Ray Zancanelli, a former Deputy U.S. Marshal
  • Malcolm Goodwin as Shea Daniels, a former gang leader
  • Serinda Swan as Erica Reed, a hunter, and tracker
  • Jimmi Simpson as Dr. Lloyd Lowery, a former child
  • Brooke Nevin portrays Julianne Simms, a former student

The above mentioned are the names of the leading characters that made Breakout Kings demanding and popular among all the fans (including me).

What Happen in Breakout Kings?| The Plotline

Overall, the 2 Seasons of Breakout Kings demonstrates teamwork. U.S. Marshal’s squad builds a team with cons who are former fugitives just to work with each other. This work is based on the tracking of prisoners who escape from their prison.

When again captured, their sentences will be doubled and they will return back to their original prisons. The story of Breakout Kings is quite interesting to read and watch. I am praying so that the 3rd Season will come and continue the story of the first 2 Seasons of Breakout Kings…………….

The Trailer of Breakout Kings Season 3

As I told you earlier that the series will not renew for the 3rd Season, there isn’t any official trailer of Breakout Kings Season 3. In case you haven’t seen the series previously then you can enjoy from here. As here is the official trailer of Breakout Kings:

Why is Breakout Kings Season 3 Cancelled?

The drama series will not come back to the cable channel for the 3rd Season. The 2nd Season of Breakout Kings concluded on 29th April. Breakout Kings Season 3 has been canceled due to the reason that Olmstead becoming the showrunner of fire called Chicago Fire.


The IMDb Rating of Breakout Kings

The IMDb Rating of Breakout Kings is 7.3 out of 10 with 14,873 votes that demonstrate the demand of the series among us.

Frequently Asked Questions

How many seasons are there in Breakout Kings?

There are only 2 seasons in Breakout Kings.

Does Charlie die in Breakout Kings?

Charlie is the first member of Breakout Kings and was shot by one of the Breakout Kings.

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Final Words

Breakout Kings Season 3 is a demanding drama television series but will not come. This is just because the series will not renew for the 3rd season. It might be disappointing news for all the lovers of Breakout Kings Season 3. Let’s hope for any great miracle that may bring the 3rd Season of Breakout Kings to our screen…

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