When Will Always Sunny Season 15 Aired? Here You Will Get Everything About the Release Date, Plot Cast of Season 15.

Always Sunny Season 15

Many have heard stories about friendships but here is a story/series about friends who hate each other but on the other hand, can’t live without each other. The name of the series is “Always Sunny”.

It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia also called “Always Sunny” or only “Sunny” is a sitcom that originated in America that was telecasted on FX on 4th August 2005. It was then shifted to FXX in 2013 when its 9th season was aired.

Always Sunny has completed its 14 seasons with a total of 154 episodes to date with a running time of 18 to 25 minutes.

Rob McElhenney is the creator, and Glenn Howerton and Rob McElhenney are the developers of the show.

Now, let us discuss the plot of the series.

Always Sunny Season 15

The Plot of the Comedy Series Always Sunny Season 15:

The story of the series revolves around “the Gang” which is the group of five individualistic friends namely the twins – Dennis and Deandra, their friends – Charlie and Ronald, and the legal father of Dennis and Deandra, Frank. All the members of the gang-run an Irish bar namely Paddy’s Pub, which is unsuccessful in South Philadelphia. The behavior of the members is too unethical as they use to lie, drink, use various substances, are cruel, selfish, and too egoistic.

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They always end up conspiring against each other and finding ways to insult each other for personal profit. They often find entertainment and enjoyment by seeing the downfall of the other member. They are habitual to give pain mentally, emotionally, and physically to each other and also to the ones who cross their paths. They usually blackmail each other and outside people also for gaining anything.

There is no unity in the gang. As soon as they see profit, they betray another member without seeing the consequences and the current situation. However, they again return to their original group as they are highly dependent on each other. They never get agree on each other’s decisions, and every dialogue in the series shows that they always argue and yell at each other despite being in difficult situations. They show high interest and are obsessed with their reputations and public images despite their unsuccessful career and achievements.

They often engage themselves in the situation which is quite humiliating, disgusting and shameful for the others. They have no sense of shame while achieving what they want. Their weird activities often include:

Always Sunny Season 15

Becoming addicted to cocaine; for their welfare, acting like mentally challenged; kidnapping; tried cannibalism; to listen to a conversation, hiding inside a couch, that too naked; forcing the other member to eat inedible items; sleeping with each other’s love interests; seducing one of the priests; secretly they feed their dead pets to one another; rob in the grave; to avoid a thankful meal where they are not comfortable, they set the hall on fire and then lock the door; dreaming about killing each other; to get priority in the water parks they claim to have AIDS and many other activities which are often seen in the series.

Their bar doesn’t run successfully as many deaths occurred there. People don’t visit there often except on some rare occasions. Very few customers visit there and they also appear to be serving themselves. They are preparing to close Paddy’s bar as it is not profitable. However, when they were working there, they ended up drinking on their own instead of focusing on their responsibilities of the job. Paddy’s bar was still running just because of Frank’s money back up. He earns all the money from other businesses like a sweetshop situated in Vietnam, various dealings behind the doors from very shady people, from tax fraud, and from various businesses that he started at a young age. However, he also pays less to the members through which a lot of money is saved.

If we talk about the upcoming season, it is going to cover the global pandemic and the situations faced during the lockdown. According to the previous seasons, we can easily say that it’s gonna be a very hilarious season. It’s all gonna be about the quarantine and the frustrating experience as the 5 group members are rarely going to put on a mask. The new season is going to be visualizing the current scenario but with an adventurous and wild experience of The Gang.

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The Cast of the Comedy Series Always Sunny Season 15:

The main characters of the series include:

  • Charlie Kelly’s character is played by Charlie Day
  • Dennis Reynolds’s character is played by Glenn Howerton
  • Ronald “Mac” McDonald’s character is played by Rob McElhenney
  • Deandra “Sweet Dee” Reynolds’s character is played by Kaitlin Olson.
  • Frank Reynolds’s character is played by Danny DeVito.

Always Sunny Season 15

Release Date of Always Sunny

The last 2 seasons were aired in September, so the prediction of the release of this season could be easy. However, no official announcement has been made yet, and a predictable date or month can also change. Some sources say that the series may be telecasted in 2021, but it can vary if more increment is seen in the cases of COVID-19.

IMDB Rating Of The Comedy Series Always Sunny:

8.8 out of 10 is the IMDb rating of the series Always Sunny.

Where Can We Watch The Comedy Series Always Sunny season 15?

You can watch it on Netflix

You can watch it on Hotstar.

You can watch it on Amazon Prime.

You can watch it on YouTube TV.

You can watch it on FXNow Canada.

You can watch it on Just Watch.

You can stream it online from the above links or can download it from different websites to watch it offline.


14 seasons are already available to watch. Season 15 is on its way to release. However, an official announcement related to the release date of the show is not yet made.

Until the release, keep watching Always Sunny!

If you have any queries regarding the series, you can drop a comment in the comment box. We love to answer your question.


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