Water World 2: Why There Won’t Be A Sequel? Updates And More!

The former part of the movie is one of Hollywood's most infamous troubled generations but it made a value, so here's why Waterworld 2 didn't happen...

waterworld 2

Waterworld is a very old movie franchise which is created by Kevin Reynolds and scripted by Peter Rader and David Rader. The movie debut on 28 July 1995. It only grossed about $264.2 million with an average budget of $172–175 million.

The movie starts from the future where we see people living in distant regions with ice caps, polar caps, and melting of bergs. Due to these natural causes, the water of the river rose up so many causes massive destruction…

The main role is played by Kevin Costner( Mariner) with other supporting actors Dennis Hopper as The Deacon, Jeanne Tripplehorn as Helen, Tina Majorino as Enola, Michael Jeter as Old Gregor, and Gerard Murphy as The Nord.

Now it’s been more than 26 years but still, fans want a sequel of the movie but will it happen?

Will There Be A Waterworld 2?

There won’t be a season second confirmed by the officials. The main reason behind the cancellation of the movie is the budget. The movie reaches out of the accounts and now creators don’t want to add more from their sides…

Aforementioned it takes creators $172–175 million to make the movie and in return, they only earned something around 92.2 million which is fairly low as compared to the budget.

Putting the budget aside, Rotten Tomatoes gets an approval rating of 47% based on 60 reviews. The reviews are also mixed for the show!

 “The cost controversy aside, Waterworld is a decent futuristic action picture with some great sets, some intriguing ideas, and a few images that will stay with me.”

“It could have been more, it could have been better, and it could have made me care about the characters. It’s one of those marginal pictures you’re not unhappy to have seen. But can’t quite recommend.”

“Although the storyline isn’t all that invigorating, the action is, and that’s what saves Waterworld. In the tradition of the old Westerns and Mel Gibson’s Mad Max flicks. This film provides good escapist fun.”

“Everyone behind the scenes did their part with aplomb, and the result is a feast for the eyes and ears.”

Waterworld 2

Are There Any Chances of Renewal?

The movie is full of entertainment, action, adventure, and excitement which is the reason enthusiasts of the Waterworld are enthusiastic to watch the movie again… But now the movie is discarded and has no possibilities of restoration after twenty-five years.

Even have no likelihood of rehabilitation at the extent but maybe in the future, the show gets handover to another production associate or company that is more known than the Gordon Company. Then we could hope for the Waterworld 2, so let’s cross our fingers and anticipate future updates with us.

As a substitute, you can watch the former part of the movie on Amazon Prime Video and  Netflix.

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