Warrior Season 3 : A Martial Art Crime Drama Ready to Make a Comeback.


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Look at the American Martial arts crime drama television series “Warrior Season 3″ 

We have seen many martial arts crime dramas but this one is unique. Warrior has been renewed for the third season and has been picked up by HBO max. But what is going to happen in the show is still a secret. Many plot lines have been left and tired and fans are waiting to see more.

Those who want me to reveal what will happen next in Warrior Season 3 then stay on this page . Scroll down to know everything!

  • Warrior is an American martial arts crime drama television series.
  • It premiered on April 5, 2019, on Cinemax.
  • It is based on an original concept and treatment by Bruce Lee,and is executive-produced by his daughter, Shannon Lee, and film director Justin Lin
  • Jonathan Tropper, known for the Cinemax original series Banshee, is the showrunner.
  • In April 2019, Cinemax renewed the series for a second season which premiered on October 2, 2020.
  • It was Cinemax’s final series before ceasing production of original programming.
  • In April 2021, the series was renewed for a third season, along with the announcement that the series will move to HBO Max.

Warrior Season 3 Plotline : What Can We Expect in It?

Among many things in the world, one thing is confirmed that when Warrior returns for the third season there will be blood streams flowing. It is pretty sure that Long Zii Will surely be the cause of the problems with Hop Wei, if any other soldiers find out. Other than this Young Jun is already facing problems with his recent found responsibilities as the Hop Wei leader, and he needs Ah Sahm more than ever, especially since the latter is quickly becoming an icon within the entire Chinatown community. 

Mai Ling is out for blood, and her allegiance with corrupt acting mayor Buckley this will be strengthened by her ability to blackmail him about his past as a confederate soldier. Again the strengthening of her ability will surely result in another conflict in the streets of Chinatown. Ah Toy, the madame controlling a brothel, survived her attack, but hasn’t really dealt with Patterson’s betrayal. Richard Lee was last seen quitting the police and bedding a local Black bartender, something that could result in quite the conflict if word gets out. At last, the finale seen in the final episode of season two gives a clue that Singh might be breaking out of the prison.

Apart from all this above there is also a political side to things. Buckley keeps the mayor position at best. Looking at this, the Irish factory workers are immensely angry and starving and also they have Leary representing them. Buckley is keeping Blake out of his way by having her institutionalised. But the woman doesn’t back out and uses her resources to fight back and the finale also shows that her sister Sophie will do all she can to free Pennelope. This also includes taking advantage of her connections to Irish through her lover, Leary. 

Not only this but many other storylines were left incomplete and in between in the previous season which need closure or continuation in the further seasons. Now that the series has been confirmed to get to the third season by HBO Max, the fans will hopefully get all the answers to their questions.

Warrior Season 3 Cast : Who All Are Expected to Return in the Third Installment?

The main cast members from Season 2 of Warrior are expected to return in Warrior Season 3 who all are to be appreciated. Here’s a list of cast members expected to return:

  • Andrew Koji, 
  • Kieran Bew,
  • Celine Buckens,
  • Olivia Cheng,
  • Dianne Doan, 
  • Dean Jagger, 
  • Langley Kirkwood, 
  • Maria-Elena Laas, 
  • Hoon Lee, 
  • Christian McKay, 
  • Dustin Nguyen,
  • Miranda Raison, 
  • Chen Tang, 
  • Joe Taslim, 
  • Jason Tobin, 
  • Joanna Vanderham , 
  • Tom Weston-Jones, and 
  • Perry Yung.

Warrior Season 3 Release Date : When Will It Premiere?

With everyone excited for the Warrior’s third season, it is unlikely the season will come out even later this year. This is due to COVID-19 as the capture of many other series has been severely disrupted.

But the builders are there and if all goes well, we will see our favorite stars for season 3 Warrior on screen soon!

The way fans are waiting for Warrior Season 3 suggests that whenever it is released, it will get millions of views and will also break the records of many viewers.

Warrior Season 3 Teaser

As of now, Warrior Season 3 does not have any official teaser  yet but we have mentioned the video only for entertainment purposes. So, Just click on the video and enjoy it.

Some Frequently Asked Questions Related to Warrior Season 3


Will There Be a Season 3 of Warrior?

The show creators have confirmed the news that they’re planning to launch the third season by 2023. However they haven’t announced any exact dates or months yet for the release but it’s clear that they have confirmed the third season.

Is Warrior HBO Based on a True Story?

The show depicts the real story of Brusly and analyses his life. The show is produced by his daughter Shannon Lee and the movie maker Justin Lin.

How Many Seasons Are in Warrior?

Till now there are only two seasons released for the fans and audience to watch. But the third season is still in the making and has been confirmed to release soon.

Will There Be a Warrior Season 4?

The third season has not come out or been made yet so the news for the fourth season is unlikely to be given or even decided yet. The shore creators and producers have not dropped any information regarding the fourth season but the third season is definitely on.

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