Valorant Act 2: Latest Leaks and Fans Outbursts on Social Media

Valorant Act 2
Valorant Act 2

Since its release, in June 2020, Valorant has seen quite a success. At the time of its release, riot games introduced a unique battle pass system.

And as per the service model, the game Valorant is divided into multiple chapters. Further each includes three different acts – Act 1, Act 2 & Act 3.

In short, Act 1 = Battle Pass 1.

Act 1 began as soon as the game got its worldwide release.

At the time of writing this post, Act 1 is about to end, and Act 2 is a few hours away from its release. As the release inches closer, everyone is eager to know what new will be in Act 2 of Valorant.

Aren’t you curious about it? Now, let’s take a look at some leaks related to the new rewards arriving with the second battle pass. Let’s jump ahead –

Valorant Episode 1 Act 2 Start Date and End Date

As I said at the beginning of this post, Episode 1 Act 2 is scheduled to get its worldwide release on August 4.

What about its end date? Well, when Valorant was released officially, the makers revealed that an act lasts for around 2 months. For the 3rd act to begin, you need to wait for at least Oct 13 of 2020. So, that would be 10 weeks in total.

Once again I would like to remind you, we’re hours away to bid farewell to act 1. So, act fast. IF you haven’t unlocked all the in-game rewards yet, do it now. Or else all the rewards of Act 1 will be locked out as soon as act 2 begins.

Valorant Episode 1 Act 2 Battlepass

Once Act 2 begins on August 4, the premium version of Battle pass will be available to purchase for 1,000 Valorant Points. That’s the in-game currency. What about the real money? How much does it cost? Well, in the real-world, 1,000 valorant points will cost you exactly $9.99.By purchasing the premium Battle Pass, you’ll get some additional benefits. In the beginning, you’ll get a chapter completion award and five premium tier rewards for free.Additionally, you will have the chance to earn in-game player cards, sprays, weapon charms, new titles, and some attractive weapon skins. Now, coming to some things, Act 2 will introduce a new feature called Act Rank Badge.

Further, you can upgrade the badge based on how you perform in your top nine ranked wins.

Fans React As Valorant Act 1 Comes to an End

As Valorant has officially announced that Act 1 will end on August 4 at around 14:00 PST, some fans are not happy with this decision.
The primary reason being, they will not be able to complete the battle pass on time. Act 1 had 50 tiers in total for everyone. With the completion of each tier, a premium battle pass user unlocks a reward whereas the user who didn’t purchase any battle pass unlocks a reward at every 5 tiers.
Initially, when the Battle Pass was introduced, it was easy for users to complete the tiers. However, as the game progressed, it got tougher and tougher for everyone.
The primary reason being, the more tiers you unlock, the more XP you’ll need to unlock the next one. All in all, it’s a bit difficult for an average player to unlock all the tiers.


I’ll conclude this post by saying what’s done is done. Don’t worry if you haven’t completed the Act 1 tiers. Make sure to complete all the tiers in the Episode 1 Act of Valorant.

Further, I’ve already revealed the end date to be Oct.13 of 2020. So, make sure to complete all the tiers by then.

That’s all for now. If you this post to be helpful then do let me know your thoughts in the comments section. However, before that, I would recommend you to sign up for an upcoming Collegiate Esports League & get a chance to win the final price of $30,000.

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