Three New USB Type-C Cables Introduced, Each Capable of Delivering 240W of Power!

The first USB Type-C cables that can deliver massive quantities of power have arrived: Club 3D, a small store, has released three new cables, each capable of delivering up to 240 watts of electricity.

With such high power consumption, the new 240W USB-C connection should be able to charge most computers, which is a significant improvement over the technology’s current maximum capabilities.

Over the last few years, USB Type-C cables have steadily grown in popularity, and the only thing holding them back was their low power delivery. After the USB Implementers Forum released the new USB Type-C 2.1 specification last year, this should progressively begin to alter (USB-IF).

The new specification increased the power delivery from 100W to 240W, although no such cables have yet hit the market. Club 3D has changed that by offering three new USB-C cables, each capable of delivering 240W of power.

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What Means USB Type-C Cables?

USB Type-C Cables

USB-C, which has replaced USB-A as the most recent physical format for USB connections on devices, is the most recent physical format for USB connections on devices.

It’s significantly faster, has more robust charging capabilities, can easily handle UHD video connections, and (this one’s a crowd-pleaser) can be effectively linked whether the connector is turned upside down or not. It’s also a little smaller and more rounded than the previous format, so it’s easier to spot the difference.

Note that this is not the same as the data format for USB, where the new USB4 standard is being considered.

Do All USB Type-C Cables Support Fast Charging?

No. To work effectively, USB-C cables must be certified for specific types of fast charging. To begin, determine what type of fast charging your smartphone supports and then hunt for cords that speak the same language.

USB Type-C Cables For Future

The USB-C port is the way of the future. More and more gadgets are adopting the new standard, and it’s nearly hard to find an Android phone costing more than $300 that still uses the old Micro USB charging cord.

While the Apple iPhone still uses the Lightning wire, every year there are reports that Apple is considering switching to the standard — there’s even an E.U. proposal that may make it happen. Even the most expensive iPads and MacBooks have USB-C connectors, so some may argue that the transition is unavoidable.

However, why are so many phones using the new USB-C charging cable?

Simply put, quicker charging and data transfer speeds are possible, and the cable can be inserted either way up. That’s correct, you won’t have to wiggle the cord into your phone’s port any longer. The best part is that it works with phones, tablets, power banks, and even computers, so you’ll only need one wire (as long as you’re not using an iPhone).

However, not all USB-C cables are created equal, and if you’re going to use them with many devices, you’ll want something robust and dependable. This list of the top USB-C cables includes options that will suit your length, power output, and reliability requirements.

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Three New USB Type-C Cables Introduced

USB Type-C Cables

  • Only the top cable (CAC-1576) can accommodate a 240W peak wattage (48 volts and 5 amps) while keeping the entire USB4 40Gbps data-transfer rate while maintaining the full USB4 40Gbps data-transfer rate. The Thunderbolt 3 protocol is used to do this. It can also deliver video at a high resolution of 8K 60Hz using DisplayPort alt mode.
  • CAC-1575 and CAC-1573 are the two remaining variants with inferior specifications. The mid-tier model offers USB4 20Gbps data transfer and up to 4K/60Hz video, while the apparently cheapest variant supports 240W power delivery but has significantly lower data-transfer capabilities, down to USB 2.0 and 480Mbps.
  • The former maximum of 100W (20 volts and 5 amps) was insufficient for many jobs, making operations like charging a laptop over USB-C a hassle — charging a laptop via USB-C may take a long time, and the finest gaming machines certainly required more wattage than the connection could give. We may soon be able to charge our computers with a USB-C cable, thanks to the boost to 240W.

It’s great to watch new technology emerge, and the presence of these cables bodes well for USB-future. C’s However, before you rush the gun and buy one of Club 3D‘s new items, keep in mind that you might not be able to fully utilize them just yet.

As of right now, there don’t appear to be any appropriate chargers that can handle the new cables’ 240W power usage. Club3D’s top charger, according to Tom’s Hardware, has a maximum power output of 132W. The cable will not be able to produce the full 240W power without a matching charger. However, with the introduction of these new USB-C cables, chargers are likely to follow soon.

On its website, Club 3D advertises a number of shops, but none appear to have the product in stock as of this writing. Make sure to check back soon if you want to get your hands on the new USB-C cable.

Is Thunderbolt 3 compatible with USB-C?

USB Type-C Cables

It isn’t, despite the fact that it’s a common blunder! If you have a Thunderbolt 3 device, Thunderbolt 3 is an additional data standard that allows you to connect to a wider range of devices. However, it functions by plugging into a USB-C connection and a little extra hardware behind the scenes, so you’ll be using a USB-C port.

That’s why we say whether or not a port is Thunderbolt 3/USB-C. Although some USB-C cables are better tuned for Thunderbolt 3 than others, most USB-C and Thunderbolt 3 cables are interoperable. In the same way, the forthcoming Thunderbolt 4 standard will function.

Can I use USB-C to charge my laptop?

You surely can if your laptop has a USB-C connection and a USB-C converter for outlet charging. Laptops normally state whether or not they support USB-C Power Delivery, so this should be obvious. This is a standard way to charge modern computers, however, it will not work with older laptops that only have USB-A ports.

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What USB-C devices are there?

Everything that formerly used the USB-A format is converting — or has switched — to USB-C, which covers a lot of ground! Over the last few years, mobile devices such as tablets and smartphones, computer accessories of all kinds, monitors, laptops, game consoles, docking stations, battery packs, and external storage devices have all slowly migrated to USB-C. Even iPhones may transition to USB-C in the future.

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