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People usually feel alive by playing the games with the combination of relaxation and tense gameplay simultaneously and with a dreamy atmosphere and genuine characters.

Undertale is also one such game. The story changes according to the decisions made by the characters. This type of plot attracts the audience very much.

Undertale is a 2D video game with role-playing as its genre.

Toby Fox is the developer, publisher, and designer of the game.

The game can be accessed on various platforms like Microsoft Windows, OS X, Linux, PlayStation 4, PlayStation Vita, Nintendo Switch, and Xbox One.

The mode of the game is single-player.

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Different Platform and the Release Date of the Game:

  1. 15th September 2015 on Windows, OS X
  2. 17th July 2016 on Linux
  3. 15th August 2017 on PS4, PS Vita
  4. 18th September 2018 on Nintendo Switch
  5. 16th March 2021 on Xbox One, Xbox Series X/S

The player has control of a child who falls into the Underground. The Underground is a large, sheltered region under the earth’s surface, which is isolated by a magical barrier. Various monsters appear on the way. Players can calm or defeat the monster.

What Will Be the Expected Gameplay of the Undertale 2:

Undertale uses a bird’s-eye view and is a role-playing game. The player has control of a child and completes the objectives to progress in the story. The player is allowed to explore an underground world that is filled with towns and caves. Numerous puzzles are also available for solving in the journey. Monsters live in the underground world and challenge the player for combat. Players then decide whether they want to fight or calm down the monster. They can also choose to fly away. The choices made by the player affect the storyline of the game.

Whenever the player fights with the monsters, they enter a battlefield. On the battlefield, the player has a small heart that illustrates their soul. During the progression of the game, new elements are introduced, like coloured obstacles and boss battles.

Timed button presses are involved if the player wishes to attack the enemy. By killing enemies, the player earns gold and EXP. To check the attacking and defending attributes of the enemy, the player can use the ACT option. If the player has low HP, they can choose to spare the enemy and end the battle. For encountering some of the bosses, the player needs to survive until the boss finishes their dialogue. There are multiple stories in the game according to the choices made by the player.

Monsters talk to the players during the battle, and the game displays the intentions of the monsters. Enemies attack based on their interaction with the player. Based on the previous conversations, the dialogues of the boss enemies changes.

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Is There Is a Trailer Available for Undertale 2 ?

Yes, the trailer of the game Xbox game is present on youtube. The trailer is quite interactive and entices the Xbox user to play at least once. The new feature of the game will definitely bring more user to Under the community.

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Rating of Undertale 2

It scores 8.4 out of 10 in the Metametric. 

It scores 8.2 out of 10 in the IMDB rating.

The Plot of the Video Game Undertale 2:


After the defeat in the war with humans, monsters start living underground. The underground world is sealed at the surface with a magical barrier. A child falls into the underground and explores the world. He encounters Flowey, who teaches the child to raise the LV or “LOVE” by increasing EXP. EXP increases by killing monsters. Flowey attempts to kill the human but fails as Toriel, a goat-like monster, saves him.

Toriel teaches the human to solve the puzzles and survive conflicts. The king of the underground is Asgore Dreemurr. To protect the human from the king, Toriel wishes to adopt the child. But the human leaves Toriel in search of Asgore’s castle, which is the barrier of the surface world.They deal with many monsters on their way. They even become friends with some of the monsters, according to the conversation.

During the journey, the human learns the reason behind the war between humans and the monsters. Once upon a time, a child fell into the underground, and Asriel, the son of Asgore and Toriel, befriended him. Asgore and Toriel adopted the child, but one day the child died after eating a poisonous flower. With good intentions, Asriel returned the dead body of the child to humans. But the humans attacked him and wounded him badly. This situation made Asgore declare war.

Asgore wants to break the barrier for which he requires seven souls. He already has six souls. The ending of the game depends on the ability of the human to deal with the monsters. However, the result of the different situations creates a different type of battle phenomena. The ultimate goal is to break the barrier and come out of the underground.

Release Date of the Video Game Undertale 2:

The first chapter of Deltarune was released in October 2018 by Toby Fox, which is his first game since Undertale. Toby Fox instructed the fans to catch up on the updates related to the sequel of the game on Undertale’s official Twitter page. This statement sums up the fact that Deltarune’s name is the anagram of the Undertale.

Due to the visual and play similarities, many fans thought that it is the teaser for the new Undertale game. Reporters were also excited by stating that Deltarune is setting a proper stage for the release of Undertale 2.

However, it was revealed later that Deltarune is set in a completely different frame and doesn’t have any relation with the Undertale. A whole new story will take place in the Deltarune. Fox concluded that Deltarune was under development long before the release of Undertale.

After five years of the release of Undertale, it is difficult to tell about the existence of the Undertale 2 right now. We will update you about its release date soon after the announcement.


Undertale has made many fans with its fascinating story. People experience different kinds of atmosphere and understand the emotions of the monsters too.

Fans are eagerly waiting for the sequel of the game, especially after getting aware of Deltarune.

Until the release of the sequel, keep enjoying the journey of the human in Undertale!

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