UE Hyperboom Is Killing It’s Competition In The Market! Review!

The Ultimate Ears Hyperboom is the brand’s largest speaker to date.

Allowing you to carry your party everywhere, indoors or out – but it is a touch heavy.

It also offers an elegant and unobtrusive design, as well as the capacity to pair with two devices simultaneously.

Holistic Review!

It’s a little on the pricey side for Bluetooth speakers, but it sounds great.

The Ultimate Ears Hyperboom is a powerful party speaker that lets you take your music from your home to the vast outdoors with ease.

Ultimate Ears is a market leader in portable Bluetooth speakers, with models like the UE Boom 3.

UE Hyperboom

And UE Wonderboom 2 making our best Bluetooth speakers on the 2020 list.

Until now, Ultimate Ears speakers have had compact designs that could fit into a bag.

But that is no longer the case with the new Hyperboom.

What About Its Sound Quality?

This is by far their largest speaker to date, and it’s intended to be used as an all-in-one party speaker.

That can keep the party going late into the night (and into the morning, if the party is very excellent).

The Hyperboom, in our opinion, lives up to Ultimate Ears’ reputation as a dependable manufacturer of good Bluetooth speakers;

It sounds better than many of the types we’ve tried previously.

The Hyperboom produces a well-balanced soundscape with powerful bass that can be played at high levels without distortion.

We particularly enjoyed the multi-point pairing feature.

This allows you to easily switch between DJs at a party without having to deal with awkward silences.

It has A Price Issue!

Aside from that, Hyperboom’s major flaw is its price.

But if you’re prepared to pay (and carry the 5.9kg / 12lbs speaker about with you).

You’ll get a lot of fantastic quality, portability, and connectivity for your money.

What About Price And Availability?

For $399.99 / £359.99 / AU$599.95, you can get the Ultimate Ears Hyperboom.

Apart from high-spec models like the Sonos Move.

UE Hyperboom

And the Bose Home Portable Speaker, it’s significantly more expensive than any of Ultimate Ears’ prior speakers.

As well as any of the Bluetooth speakers we’ve reviewed this year.

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What About Its Design!

Ultimate Ears speakers are known for their sporty designs, which include meshing fabric coverings.

And plastic components and the Hyperboom are no exception.

At the same time, instead of the various colourful alternatives available when purchasing a Boom or Megaboom.

Ultimate Ears has chosen to make the Hyperboom a little more subtle by opting for a black finish

It also distinguishes itself from similar party speakers from competitors such as JBL and Sony.

Which are frequently less subdued and occasionally include flashing lights in every colour of the rainbow.

Another feature that sets it apart from prior generations is its square shape.

UE’s product manager, Doug Ebert, explained this to us.

Saying that the company wants to “provide the finest possible listening experience with a correct stereo image,”.

Rather than ensuring 360-degree sound with a circular design.

What About Connectivity And Connection?

The UE Hyperboom’s controls are on the top of the speaker.

And the large plus and minus symbols that we described before work well for volume adjustment.

The rest of the operation is comprised of an on/off button as well as four source buttons arranged in a circle with a play/pause button in the centre.

Holding down one of the Bluetooth buttons makes it simple to connect the speaker to your device wirelessly

– And this brings us to one of Hyperboom’s distinctive features.

UE Hyperboom

It allows you to pair two Bluetooth devices at the same time and switch between them seamlessly.

Avoid awkward silences when one party DJ takes over from another.

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What About The Battery Life?

A few more adjustment and control options are available in the Boom app.

You may connect several UE speakers and use them simultaneously, change the music source, and adjust the volume.

And save up to four separate playlists on Amazon Music, Deezer, or Spotify.

Which can be started by holding down the Play button for three seconds.

You also get a five-band EQ to customise the sound, as well as the ability to turn it on.

And off the Adaptive EQ function, which adapts the sound to your surroundings automatically.

Because bass frequencies can become muddy when a loudspeaker is placed in a corner due to sound bouncing off the walls.

The Hyperboom compensates by damping the bass. Similarly, if you set it amid open space, it will do the reverse.

Preventing you from hearing significant bass frequencies.

What About The Final Verdict?

We found this to be quite effective, and it’s fantastic not to have to worry about where your speaker should be placed for optimal sound.

The most beneficial aspect of the Ultimate Ears Hyperboom is its excellent audio performance.

Indeed, this speaker surpasses our expectations.

Especially given that UE’s speakers had previously delivered slightly harsh treble frequencies to our ears.

When it comes to loudness, the Hyperboom stands up to its name;

It just plays your music extremely loudly and has no trouble filling a big living room or yard with party music.

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