Twitter Attack: Accounts of Musk, Obama Hacked

Twitter Attack

The latest news is a Twitter attack by cybercriminals. Twitter is a popular social media platform where various celebrities and personalities have their handles active. Twitter has witnessed one of the significant cyber-attacks in its history of one and a half decades. 

Nobody knows what caused Twitter attack suddenly. The Twitter handles that belong to big corporations, celebrities, politicians, and business people have been victims of this attack. The attack was made to peddle a bitcoin scam. The bitcoin scam appears to be earning a nice income to the scammer. 

Currently, nothing is confirmed. We don’t know how the scammers hacked twitter. We don’t know how deeply the infrastructure of Twitter’s security system has been compromised. One thing remains unanswered: Has the scammer stolen any personal data from the accounts they hacked? 

Twitter Attack: Whose Accounts Got Hacked?

The latest Twitter attack involved the compromise of handles of various celebrities, politicians, entrepreneurs, and verified bigshots. However, here is a short peek into the list of people whose accounts were targeted by attackers:

Elon Musk

Twitter Hacked: Elon Musk

Jeff Bezos

Barack Obama

Kanye West

There are many more whose accounts were hacked by attackers. We don’t know how widespread the scam is, or how long it will take to get rid of the vulnerability that caused it. 

What we do know is that the scam involved compromising the Twitter accounts of bigwigs and tweeting the scam tweets that ask you to send Bitcoins to a specific address. 

And promise that the amount sent to the address will be doubled and sent back to the sender. 

What Measures Have Been Taken by Twitter? 

The first trace of the Twitter attack was seen during 4:17 PM ET when Elon Musk’s account tweeted the scammy tweet. Soon after that, it was a chain reaction of major corporations and individuals posting the same variation of the tweet. 

By that time, it was clear that attackers had got Twitter hacked. The Twitter support says that owners of the accounts attacked won’t be able to send new tweets until Twitter fully recovers their accounts.

Here’s what it said: 


It would be interesting to see if authorities trace the scammers behind this high-profile Twitter cyberattack. Otherwise, it wouldn’t be a good entry in Twitter’s history. 


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