Trump Ordered by Court to Pay Legal Fee in Lawsuit Filed by a Pornstar

Donald Trump-Stormy Daniels Scandal

Remember the infamous Stormy Daniels-Trump Lawsuit? Recently, President Trump has been ordered by a California Superior Judge to pay $44K to Stormy Daniels, a famous pornographic actress. President Trump has been ordered to pay for the legal fee of attorneys who filed the lawsuit for Stormy Daniel. 

Stormy Daniels’ attorneys have posted online about the order by the judge on Friday. Stormy Daniels claims to have been in an affair with Mr President from 2006-2007, she was made to sign an NDA of $130,000 by Trump’s lawyer Michael Cohen. However, Trump has repeatedly denied the claims of Ms Daniels on their alleged affair. 

She sued Trump in 2018. She demanded that the NDA be revoked. Trump’s legal team settled the matter with her outside the court with the offer to not sue her back or enforce the NDA. The lawsuit filed by her was ruled out as her claims were not proven.

The judgement passed by the court on Monday was the result of Daniels’ constant efforts to seek financial reimbursement from Trump to cover her legal fees. 

The court’s Judge Robert Broadbelt III ordered Trump to pay for Stormy Daniels’ legal expenses, as she’s considered ‘prevailing party’, under California Legislation.

A ‘prevailing party’ is someone who’s entitled to receive monetary reimbursement from another party for recovering financial expenses. Although the suit was dismissed, Trump must pay Daniels. 

Since the lawyer, Michael Cohen, who represented Trump received a $130,000 reimbursement from Trump, and they demanded the case be handled by an arbitrator as per NDA, proves that Trump is involved in the agreement. Now the question is what will Mr. President do? 

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