Tron 3: Renews Again After A “Decade”|Plot|Trailer|Cast And Updates

You want games, I'll give you games. Lora/Yori: Leave me alone, we've failed. Kevin Flynn/Clu: We're only gonna fail if we give up. Ed Dillinger/Sark: Finish the game!

Tron 3

Are you guys waiting for this American Science fiction to flash on our screens again after a decade? If, yes then you are on the right track, we are going to cover each and every query related to the Tron 3.

Want to know more about it, then make sure you read this article till the end. Starting with this cute dialogue from the Tron.

“You want games, I’ll give you games. Lora/Yori: Leave me alone, we’ve failed. Kevin Flynn/Clu: We’re only gonna fail if we give up. Ed Dillinger/Sark: Finish the game!”

Tron 3

Tron is an American Science fiction media franchise. It was premiered in 1982 for the first time. The movie is created by  Steven Lisberger from a story by Lisberger and Bonnie MacBird. The first classic movie was released in 1983 and the second movie in 2010 and now it took a decade to release the third part of this movie.

It looks like the creators finally got time for this movie. The first movie was a hit. It received positive reviews from the creator and the second part is also amazing as the first one. We’re hoping the same for this upcoming movie.  The third installment will take a few years more.

So let’s find out when will the third part is coming. Here we will reveal some information about the upcoming part.Tron 3

Tron 3 Release Date

The news was spread in the year 2015 about the cancellation of the “Tron” but that is just the rumors, as the statement of Jared Leto has cleared this for its fans, he stated that the movie is under development. Cheers 🙂

I know half of the fans are happy with this, but still, have a question in their mind that what is the official release.

Well, the movie is going to be released in the year 2022, but maybe it is just a false estimation. You have to

Star Cast And Crew of Tron 3

Tron 3

The star cast list is not completely revealed yet, just like the plot. Only the Jare Reto is confirmed that he is going to be seen in the Tron 3, but maybe the cast will remains the same just like the old one(just an estimation). What do you think about this?

The Tron Cast

  • Olivia Wilde
  • Garett Hedlund
  • Jeff Bridges
  • Michael Sheen
  • Bruce Boxleitner
  • Beau Garett
  • Belinda Montgomery
  • Michael Tiegen
  • Thomas Bradshaw
  • Serinda Swan
  • James Frain
  • John Reardon
  • Owen Best
  • Yaya DaCosta

Umm, I know you must be thinking of some new characters right? Maybe this time some new characters will be seen in the movie, if this kind of situation happens then we will update the latest information in our article, for you, till then stay tuned with us at

Tron Previous Year IMDb RatingsTron 3

Everyone used to check the IMDb ratings and the user’s opinions before watching any drama, if you also love to check the ratings and reviews, then this section is completely for you. Without taking much of your time have a look at the ratings.

  • IMDB-6.8\10
  • Rotten Tomato-50%
  • Metacritic-49%

Also, have a look at these interesting user opinions on this drama 🙂

Users Opinion On The Tron

Great Movie

laithadam28 February 2020
“Emotional, entertaining, and real. Shows how Muslim Americans are unfairly profiled even though both families are dealing with the same loss.”
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“This film establishes characters and follows their emotional vacillations in such a conscientious, thorough manner that its compassion becomes powerful.

It’s neither formulaic nor lazy, and offers a refreshing lack of cynicism, even granting some noble courage to characters who might not, in reality, be so grateful.

Neither angry nor pretentious, the film also never struggles to be more than what it is: a pleasantly optimistic, hopeful depiction of how people might heal under the weight of distraction following a tragedy.

The performances are excellent, and help to make the film very engrossing.”

Emotional, moving, honest movie.
“In a town in the USA, two families share the same harsh fate. But they are from two different cultures, and the movie revolves around this subject. How do they cope, and how do their surroundings respond to them.
Sounds boring huh? Let me try again, this movie is excruciatingly honest, and it will leave you with a feeling of shame. If you’re a parent, watch this movie.
If you think Muslims from the middle east all are evil, except from the 2 you know personally.”
watch this movie. If you are young in The States and got this movie on your to see list, imagine that the two main chars, instead of being left alone to deal with their tragedy.”
Have you seen this movie before? want to share your reviews with us too, then go ahead comment your opinions about this movie in our comment section, we would love to read them.

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Is There Any Trailer for Tron 3?
Regrettably saying there is no official trailer for the Tron 3, fans are waiting for the Tron part 3 to flash again, below we have uploaded a fan-made video that has about 23k views and fans are appreciating this video very much.
When we get the latest trailer, we will update that in our article soon. In the meantime check our category of web series- Netflix web series, Amazon web series and also have a look at these free streaming websites, where you can find a number of web series and movies to watch and download for free in high quality.

Bottom Lines

Well, our article is completely inspired by Tron 3, for which the fans are waiting for the third part of this movie.

We have tried to cover all the necessary questions like the release of the third installment, its plotline, will it renews or not, and IMDb and some other ratings, if you like our efforts then please let us know in our comment section below.

If you have any query in your mind then feel free to ask us in our comment section, we would love to clear your query, also share this article with those who are waiting for the third installment of Tron Movie.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Q-When is Tron 3 coming out?

A-The Tron is canceled in the year 2015, but nowadays it was revealed that the Tron three is going to happen and will possibly going to be released soon maybe in the year 2022. But the exact date is still not available on our production tables.

Q-Why was Tron 3 canceled?

A-Tron was canceled

Q-Can we watch Tron on Netflix?

A-Sorry, but the science fiction Tron is not available on Netflix. But it is available for Netflix USA, if you want to watch it on Netflix, then you need to change the region of your locality to the USA by simply changing the VPN(by using apps.)

Q-  Is Jeff Bridges in Tron 3?

A- Yes you will watch your favorite star again.

QWho is Ares in Tron?

A-Jared Leto is in the Tron as the role of Ares, also he is going to be seen in the Tron 3, the only character which is revealed by the officials.


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