Tribit XSound Go Is Making Great Sound In The Market! Review!

Tribit XSound Go is a great product to review.

We rarely begin our reviews with a complaint but in this instance.

We feel obligated. It’s pointless for a manufacturer to create a high-spec Bluetooth speaker.

Such as the Tribit XSound Go, only to continuously undersell it.

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Holistic Review Of Tribit XSound Go?

With Bluetooth 5.0, USB-C charging, a 24-hour battery life, IPX7 waterproofing, and a total of 16W power.

And a stereo pairing capability, the ultimate spec sheet for Tribit’s smallest.

And the most affordable speaker looks fantastic for the money.

However, according to Tribit’s website, the XSound Go only supports Bluetooth 4.2.

And has a total power output of 12W.

Tribit XSound Go

The product manual contains a different set of stats, including 14W total power.

And a charging time of five hours While the website lists four.

The first page of the XSound Go handbook warns, “Do not use the device outdoors during thunderstorms”

– even though this is an IPX7-rated speaker that can withstand submersion in water at a depth of 1m for 30 minutes.

It’s a shame because such details are important in this ultra-competitive pricing range.

What About The Build Quality?

The XSound Go is about the size of a pair of sunglasses.

And you will notice if you do.

Two 4cm speakers and one passive bass radiator are solidly encased under the hood.

And it seems like you’re holding a more costly device than you are.

On the back, there’s a USB-C charging connector and a 3.5mm aux-in port for wired listening.

Both of which are securely protected by a rubberized plug.

The standard buttons for power, Bluetooth pairing, and play/pause.

And volume adjustments are located along the top of the unit.

There’s also a handy chord lanyard to slip around your wrist when holding it.

This is a smart idea because dropping it on your toe could be terrible.

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What About The Features?

Bluetooth 5.0, USB-C charging, stereo pairing, and 24-hour battery life are all standard features with the XSound Go.

Easily create an XSound Go stereo pair by purchasing two of them and long-pressing one of the Bluetooth buttons for a few seconds.

From each, you hear a prompt followed by the declaration: “right channel” or “left channel.”

For £66 ($78, AU$104), you can get a pair of cordless desktop speakers. Done.

Tribit XSound Go

The triangular play button on top of the device may be pressed once to play.

And pause, twice to go forward, and three times to return to the previous track, eliminating the need to fiddle with your phone.

There is no app support, but expecting one at this level would be unreasonable.

Stormzy’s Voss Bop, which is streaming from Tidal HiFi on our iPhone, is conveyed with a well-integrated sound.

What About The Other Features?

That surprisingly doesn’t scrimp in the lowest registers.

The mid-to-low frequencies are skillfully managed.

And each musical strand is kept in check by Stormzy’s vocals

The strings and keys in the Waterboys’ November Tale are as fleshed out and three-dimensional as one could hope for at this level.

Yet the treble is a little harsh and the timing isn’t quite exact enough for us to be nodding along to the music.

We listen to Camila Cabello and Pharrell Williams’ Sangria Wine.

And throughout the track’s build, we notice the XSound Go’s biggest flaw.

The growing cacophony of horns, percussion, and guitar chords should give way to a stripped-down bass riff.

And Williams’ slinky vocal at this point.

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Music Plays Great In Tribit XSound Go!

Our playlist continues with Hurricane Laughter by Fontaines D.C.

And it’s a similar story: while all musical elements are present and tonally accurate.

The performance comes across as polite rather than riotously post-punk.

It is flatter than it should be dynamically as if it is frightened to be too loud or too quiet.

The Storm box Micro outperforms the XSound Go in terms of timing and precision through Grian Chatten’s rebellious.

Tribit XSound Go

And spoken vocals, which are edgier and more expressive through the five-star Storm box.

The greatest savings are available at each incremental price point at this budget level.

When compared to the XSound Go and the JBL Go 2, the Tribit offers a somewhat more open-sounding presentation.

And significantly more endurance.

Is it, however, sufficient?

No, because for this amount, you could practically have two JBL Go 2 speakers.

And we’d recommend the JBL for its portability, strong sound-per-pound value, and cent timing.

And good appearance.

What About The Final Verdict?

Unless that excellent 24-hour battery life is at the top of your wishlist, there’s little to promote the XSound Go above its Storm box Micro brother.

For the budget, the XSound Go delivers decent, tonally correct sound.

But it lacks the dynamic skills to keep your music lively and interesting.

As such, and with its sister only a few pounds/dollars more, we recommend the Storm box Micro at this price point.

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