Transcribe Feature is Now Available for Microsoft Word

Microsoft Transcribe

If you are a teacher, student or researcher, the Word is going to offer you a fantastic feature called Transcribe. The feature allows you to transcribe the files with audio. The quality is currently available for only Word’s web version, and you have to be a subscriber of Microsoft 365 for that.

With Transcribe you can use the already saved files to transcribe or even live record within the Word web version. Another impressive ability of this feature is that you can live record conversations with it, that will be transcribed by it.

After the process is complete, Microsoft’s AI will turn the doc comprehensive to read by separating all the speakers in the conversation. These sections separated are easy to edit, playback for the user.

You can transcribe videos with limits upto 200MB for MP3/WAV/M4A and MP4. The time for this process varies as per the audio size. It will be available for iOS and Android devices soon.

Currently, it supports only English right now. Hopefully, there will be more languages included in future. If you are a Microsoft 365 user, then only it can be availed. You get a limit of the only five-hour audio file for this feature. That means only 300 minutes a month, compared to what other service providers like offer, it’s only half of it. That too is for free.

Otter can be used to record live calls and to transcribe them live. However, there’s no limit to the in-application live recording of Word on the web. You can record as much as you can.

If you are already using Microsoft Word or 365 subscriptions, this feature is beneficial. You can convert audio into word documents. Note-taking will be easy. However, if you aren’t subscribed to 365, it’s not available for you. Besides, it’s web-only right now.

The feature is useful even if you are looking for a tool that can quickly transcribe important meetings, conference calls, or any random video. It is the best option. The feature can be helpful to all who have to deal with typing daily.

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