Grasp These Top Regretful Animes Before Streaming Your Next Anime

Top Flop Animes

Similarly, to the movies and shows, animes has some big hit and some significant flops. While big hit, entertain us; dropped and appalling animes only felt us in regret at the end. 

So, if you don’t want to regret thereafter- then it is extremely prominent for you to scroll down till the end.

Here, we have complied all top 5 flop animes that you shouldn’t binge whatever your the case maybe. To dive deep into the topic, continue reading at the end. 

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Going onward to the list, 

Top Flop Animes

Carefully, go through these animes so keep these anime name in your mind that you can’t binge them. Without any furtehr delay, let’s start with the list: 

Abuani Sisters: Koko and Mika 

abunai sisters

It is one of the lowest-rated anime on the MyAnimeList with an average rating of 2.25. It is a Japanese computer-animated series presenting two-headed sisters appearing as secret agents.

The audience didn’t appreciate the storyline and even some of them are of the view that- it is a horrible idea that is adapted into anime. Moreover, the series characters were appalling and uncanny which doesn’t go well with the animation and the plot of the story. 

The only great thing about the show is that most of the episode’s duration is 3 minutes and you can stream the entire series in just a half-hour. Apart. from it, whether critics nor onlookers acknowledged the show.

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Vampire Holmes

vampire holmes

Comedy is one such genre that everyone prefers and admires to binge it. Even, its little-touch makes a simple story extra-ordinary but this is not the case with Vampire Holmes. Either it is a big defeat with only a 3.45 rating. 

The series story is constructed on the mobile game, which is opposed by most of the streamers. Holmes, the great detective doesn’t solve the mysteries and nor practice inferential reasoning to solve them. But he tries to search for the vampires. 

Like the above show, you can binge its every episode in three minutes and the entire act in half to one hour. Overall, its characters and even Sherlock Holmes, animation, and jokes were not appealing to the audience, and hence the series was completely wrecked.  

Wounded Man

wounded man

The next hilarious anime on the list is Wounded Man. Being an anime admirer, have many of you are aware of these anime presenting the leading protagonist in a gloomy manner. 

Well, the Wounded Man does. The main personality Baraki is described as a “Bad Boy” with only rescuing qualities. In the very first episode, he hits the male crew member and even strikes a reporter Ryuko. The way the story is presented and along with the characters doesn’t bind the audience at all. Even the critics, criticize the shows for very minute things. 

Thus the show ended up on the flopping anime list. Do you prefer those animes presenting the show’s main character in a negative manner? Drop your thoughts in the comment section. 

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Wonder Momo

Wonder Momo

Continuing the list, Wonder Momo is one of the anime that you shouldn’t give a try. Even declared as one of the regretful anime. The anime was based on the beat- ‘em-up from 1987 was a huge collapse.

Surprisingly, the series was a sequel of a game byWayForward Technologies still not able to manage good reviews and only attains a rating of 2.4 from Crunchyroll.  

The reasons behind its great fall were there was no consistency, even the characters were casual with terrible weapons. Even the animation work and soundtrack were not so great. 

The anime was not able to entertain the onlookers, hence the anime laned in this category.

Garzey’s Wing

Garzey’s Wing

The next one on the list is Garzey’s Wing that is expected to be hit, but in reality, the show was hugely failed. Whether it is Japan or any other country the show rating was terrible. 

The animes follow a sequence to engage the audience about What next? But it was not successful. Apart from it, a boy carrying a giant sword that he doesn’t able to handle, stucking of Chris in both the environment and no one asking about him, huge and radiant duck, were neither impressive nor the plot has uniques twist and turns for viewers involvement.

Moreover, the Chris dialogues with himself further disappoint the audience. So, what you think about Chris conversations with himself , do let us know in the comment section. 

These are the top animes that are just a time waste, if you binge them. If you like to watch anime then is the best option. What common think you find in all these animes that results in ther failure. Write to you. We are waiting for your reply.

Final Thoughts

The above articles comprises a list of the animes that you shouldn’t bing at any cost. These are the most rated animes with substandard of quality plot. Even some of the series has only 3 minutes episodes still storyline was not able to engage the audience. 

So, don’t go for it and save your effort and time. Share the artcile with all the animes admirers immediately, if you like the article, so that you can save anyother frivolous attempt. 


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