Tom Cruise Going to Space; Universal to Spend $200M

Tom Cruise

Tom Cruise is currently one of the busiest actors of Hollywood. With almost four movies in his pipeline. Universal Pictures is eyeing on a project that will cost a massive budget of $200M for the production. The sources say the studio is planning to cast Tom Cruise in it. It will be an outer space movie with a sci-fi theme. 

Well, this time Tom Cruise’s work record has convinced Universal that it’s profitable to spend $200M to send Tom Cruise to space. Universal has recently made Dolittle with Robert Downey Jr., and it cost almost $175M to produce.

It was not a big hit on the Box Office. The question is, is the same going to happen with this “Tom Cruise Goes to Space” movie?  

Tom Cruise: The Details of The Space Movie

Tom Cruise has been signed for a $200M budget space movie by Universal Pictures. As per sources, Doug Liman will be directing the movie. The studio is going to produce and distribute this movie. Doug Liman has previously worked with Tom in two films. 

Liman directed edge of Tomorrow and American Made. Edge of Tomorrow came out in 2014 with a budget of $178M and earned $371M worldwide. He had already directed movies like The Bourne Identity(2002) and Mr. & Mrs Smith(2005). 

If the movie gets produced, the chances are it will go over the budget. If that ever happens, it will rival the most expensive film of Hollywood Avatar($240M). 

Tom Cruise Space Movie: Best Point

Well, it’s a space movie. But do you know it’s going to be a real Space movie? Yes, the film will involve Tom Cruise suiting up and flying up to the International Space Station. Talks are going on with NASA/SpaceX for this project. 

At the moment, we don’t know the script of the movie. Doug Liman will be writing the screenplay for it. Christopher McQuarrie, the man who directed Mission Impossible: Fallout and Rogue Nation, will be story advisor to the project.  

Nothing is confirmed or officially announced though, and Tom Cruise is currently busy with the virtual promotion of his upcoming movie Top Gun: Maverick.

It was supposed to release this year but has been rescheduled for release on July 2, 2021. You know the reason. After that, he’s going to work on two projects with McQuarrie: MI: 7 and MI: 8. 

These two movies are going to be the final of the series. They were scheduled to release on Nov 21, 2021, and Dec 4, 2022. It looks they are too most likely delayed due to pandemic. 

It appears that the space movie will be back on track only after Tom is done with Maverick, and the remaining two Mission Impossible movies. It will be exciting to watch Tom performing stunts in the space.

If you don’t know how cool Tom is even at 58, you should watch his behind-the-scenes from Skydiving stunt from Fallout: 

You can see how talented and hardworking Tom is. He will definitely bring life to the real stunt he might perform in Liman movie.

Final Words

We don’t know when the Tom Cruise space movie will be out. It’s going to be an experience for sure for the Cruise fans. If you have any questions, or thoughts make sure to post them in comments below. 

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