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Titanfall 3 may be in progress, and it may be coming to our computers in the upcoming year. Recently, EA gaming production company has clearly announced that it’s up to Respawn Entertainment franchise if Titanfall 3 will be produced.

Titanfall is an innovative game series and Titanfall 3 will continue the legacy. Now We may not specifically Know about the new feature and launch date of the show but it will release soon. Why do We say this? We have definitely seen an emotional attachment of developers at Respawn regarding the production of Titanfall 3.

Leakage News Regarding Titanfall 3.

“I’m so assured that if all the gamming agencies are stating the same thing so the update for Titanfall 3 would be very true, as we follow different sources so we could determine each and every aspect. The excellent thing is, even with various sources, the rumour is correctly the same.”

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Why There Is a Delay in the Development of the Titanfall3?

The main reason behind the late development of the game is that the gaming network and the producers are engaged in other wars like in royale game and PUBG, that are played on mobile phones so that PC is getting fewer and fewer players nowadays. Therefore, they have chosen to put more work and stress on Apex Legends as they have remarked that most of the people dither Apex Legends freshly after the comedown of PUBG.

The makers are delaying the production of Titanfall 3.

What Are the Different Platforms on Which Titanfall 3 Is Available?


The first Titanfall was a PC and Xbox One exclusive, while its sequel passed to PlayStation 4, as it seems to be much exciting for the PlayStation industry.

So we can also assume the third instalment of Titanfall, Titanfall 3 to run on PC, Xbox Series S/X, and PlayStation 5 as well when it ultimately launch.

Is There a Trailer Available for Titanfall 3?

The game has not been declared yet!. So no need to get too much agitated for it.

Thankfully, this news also gives us the fortune to rewatch the Titanfall 2 trailer, which indirectly means that we will go back and play Titanfall 2 because watching the previous version of Titanfall will make you more excited for the Titanfall 3.

What Is the Gameplay We Expect from Titanfall 3?


In Titanfall, players control “Leaders” and their mechanical style Titans and go for action in six-on-six matches set in the war-torn space colonies of the boundaries. The game is specialized for quickly determined, continual action, supported by wall-running skills and groups of computer-controlled fighters. Other titles in the series include unusual characters who can utilize special powers.

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Rating of Titanfall 3

It scores 8.5 out of 10 in IMDB. 

It scores 8.4 out of 10 in Metacritic .

We can see the best ratings of the Titanfall video game. So we can also expect the best work of the makers of the game i.e. EU gaming network.

The ratings of previous segments of the video game will give us a glimpse of the upcoming segment’s status. Rating agencies give us the data collected from various users and gamers across the globe.

Titanfall 3 Recommended System Requirements for Users


  • OS: Windows 10
  • Processor: Intel Core i5-9100F 4.1GHz 4 core
  • Video Card: AMD RX 5600–XT
  • RAM Free: 12 GB RAM
  • Disk Space (HD): 60 GB space
  • Directx Version: DirectX 11

These are only the prophecies about the system that is necessary for this game. The official announcement from the developers on this furthermore has to befall in the future which will inevitably describe there.

But most probably, the system requirements will be the same as I have mentioned above.

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Will It Be Also Available for Playstation 5?

The game will be coming to PS 5 as excepted. There is a different console which is much newer than it. Because Titanfall 2 has over 40GB and has the power to increase the details of the animation in the combat visuals, Titanfall 3 might be much more fit on consoles like PS5 as gamers will get to play the game in the best Gameplay as permissible.

However, the game is not in development hitherto. I still cannot present any evidence of what console it will be coming with and what visuals will be required.

Release Date of Titanfall 3.

I advise you not to expect any favourable news very soon, but an up-to-date exposure from TheNeon_Beast [Apex Legends leaker], Brazil-based, has recommended that the game is in the initial construction.

In a tweet by developers, “Titanfall 3 is toward real“. As this tweet had been deleted. In a Twitch board hosted by BrownGirlGamerCode, Apex Legends’ Gaming platform owner Chad Grenier confirmed that Apex Legends Season 9 disposition acquired a “tonne” of ‘Titanfall’ material.

The reason we know is that another segment will be out is the expectation is announced by Respawn Entertainment itself that suggested the making of an additional Titanfall sequel, which is Titanfall 3.

Respawn Entertainment mended to make Titanfall 3 after Apex Legend updates and development. It simply indicates that season 3 will come in 2021 or in later years.


However, the news and leaks from the gaming industry have much potential to excite us, but it does not fill the heart of the gamers with joy. Users now still have to wait for the official news from the EU gaming network.

But people! You don’t need to worry about anything. Nearly all the expected information regarding the Titanfall 3 that I have provided will surely match up to the mark.

I lastly would like to urge all gamers to behold their breath for some positive official news. Keep your PC ready for the third tour of the segment of Titanfall.

If you have any query regarding Titanfall 3, you can drop a comment in the comment box. We love to answer.


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