Time to Know About- Killjoys Season 6 | Release Date |cast and Many More

Are you waiting for the 6th Season of Killjoys? If yes then here is everything about Killjoys' true fans like you............

The name of one of the best space adventure series is Killjoys. Don’t you love to face various adventures in the life to overcome our fear? I love to enjoy the adventurous activities that help me to be brave and strong hearted in the life.

Killjoys– is an interesting Canadian space adventure drama series. Also it is a science fiction series. Killjoys spins over the trio of hard living hunters named Dutch, Johnny and D’avin. Initially it was aired on the Space Channel in Canada.


The series ends in 2019 and till then, ran for 5 seasons. According to the official announcement, the series was picked up on 7th October, 2013 with 10 episodes. Syfy co- produced the series in April, 2014.

All the fans (including me) are feeling thirsty for the 6th Season. Nowadays, Killjoys Season 6 becomes demand of everyone. To satisfy the thirst of all the fans, here is the article which has all the relevant info like the story, the names of the casting characters, the premiere date and the trailer…………

Have you watched the previous seasons of Killjoys? In case your answer is no and you are worried about them. Then no need to worry the IMDb Rating of Killjoys is given below that may help you to know about the previous seasons……….

So start scrolling down……….

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Killjoys Season 6

Killjoys Season 6 is one of the trending space adventure series. The 1st Season of Killjoys premiered on 19th June, 2015. Syfy renewed the series for the 4th and the 5th Season in September, 2017. Both the 4th and 5th Season contains 10 episodes each. Killjoys Season 5 aired on 19th July, 2019 and concluded on 20th September, 2019.

The series got so many positive reviews and was nominated for so many awards like 2 Canadian Screen Awards and 3 Prix Aurora Awards.

What happens in the 6th Season of Killjoys?| The Plotline

The story of Killjoys Season 6 follows a trio of some hard living bounty hunters. The hunters are Dutch, John and D’avin. They all are working for the company named Reclamation Apprehension Coalition (RAC). The four of them work in a 4 planet and moon system called the Quad.


The agency gives high authority to RAC agents just to take on warrants and to apprehend the people or their property. They all have to remain neutral in conflicts because of their job. They owe no allegiance to any government, organizations, or any system.

Their past returns back to haunt them. For this trio have to work hard just to save themselves and their friends.

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The Names of the Casting Characters of Killjoys Season 6

  • Hannah John-Kamen as Yalena “Dutch” Yardeen
  • Also as Aneela Kin Rit, Khlyen’s daughter
  • Aaron Ashmore as John Andras “Johnny” Jaqobis
  • Luke Macfarlane as D’avin Jaqobis, the older brother of Johnny
  • Thom Allison as Prima “Pree” Dezz
  • Nora McLellan as Bellus Haardy
  • Frank Moore as Hillary “Hills” Oonan, an Officer
  • Sean Baek as Fancy Lee
  • Morgan Kelly as Alvis Akari
  • Tamsen McDonough as Lucy, the artificial intelligence
  • Patrick Garrow as Turin
  • Rob Stewart as Khlyen Kin Rit
  • Sarah Power as Illenore Pawter Seyah Simms
  • Mayko Nguyen as Delle Seyah Kendry
  • Tori Anderson as Sabine, a bartender
  • Pascal Langdale as Liam Jelco, the officer of the Company
  • Stephanie Leonidas and Tommie-Amber Pirie as Clara/Olli
  • Gavin Fox as Gared
  • Ted Atherton as Gander
  • Kelly McCormack as Zephyr “Zeph” Vos, a RAC technician
  • Atticus Mitchell as Pippin “Pip” Foster
  • Jaeden Noel as Jaq, son of Aneela and D’avin
  • Alanna Bale as the Lady, Hullen’s leader
  • Rachael Ancheril as the Warden (Rennika)

The Release Date of Killjoys Season 6

The 5th Season of Killjoys aired on 19th July, 2019 on Syfy and ended on 20th September, 2019. While renewing the series for the 4th and 5th Seasons, the network has also demonstrated that the show will come to an end after the 5th Season of Killjoys.


Therefore, Season 6 of Killjoys is cancelled. As it is a well known fact that there is a chance that any other network may pick up the show. But the possibility of coming of the series is not good.

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The Trailer of Killjoys Season 6

As I told you above that the series will not renew for the 6th Season. Therefore, there is no official trailer of Killjoys Season 6 out. This is the official trailer of the series for the 5th Season. Everybody can enjoy Killjoys Season 5 here.

IMDb Rating of Killjoys

Killjoys got the IMDb Rating of 7.2 out of 10 with 20,230 votes.

Final Words

Killjoys Season 6 is one of the mind blowing series which is liked by almost all the fans. But the disappointing thing is that it will not renew for the 6th Season………let’s pray for any miracle that may bring back the 6th Season………….


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