Triller-Centricus to offer $20 billion for TikTok US

Triller interested in buying TikTok

As per news reports by Bloomberg, TikTok’s rival Triller is looking to join the race to buy TikTok’s US arm. Not just Triller, there are many other interested buyers for the app’s US business. Speculations are that Triller is pricing the bid around $20 billion.

After Microsoft and Oracle, now these two companies have shown interest in purchasing the short-video app. However, TikTok spokesperson has revealed that they haven’t received any such bidding offer from Triller. 

Triller’s US Executive Chairman Bobby Sarnevesht has something else to add on the news. He’s given affirmation to the bid between Triller and TikTok, backed by Centricus(a significant investment firm from London). He says that they have offered the deal directly to ByteDance, which owns TikTok. 

“We submitted an offer directly to the chairman of bytedance through Centricus and have confirmation it was received. We didn’t make an offer to TikTok, they aren’t involved in this at all, We made an offer to Bytedance and are dealing directly with the chairman only. Either people multiple layers down aren’t aware of what is happening on the highest level or they may have their own agendas and aren’t happy about our offer coming in.”

       – Bobby Sarnevesht to The Verge

The Triller/Centricus deal involves paying $10 billion upfront to ByteDance and remaining half to purchase TikTok’s US, Australia, New Zealand, and Indian business. That deal would allow Centricus to own a video-sharing platform with Triller’s assistance, which already has a video sharing platform of their own. Triller would get a minority stake from this deal. 

TikTok’s future in the United States seems doomed with an executive order from President Trump demanding ByteDance to sell off the US operations or cease it altogether. The deadline issued for it is approaching(15th September).  

Many contenders lined up to purchase TikTok’s business, Microsoft was the first one, but now Google’s name has been popped up in the deal. However, Sundar Pichai has announced that they aren’t in agreement. Oracle is another giant trying to bid for it.  

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