Things You Should Know About- Jett Season 2

Jett Season 2 is an interesting American action crime television series. But whether it will be on our screen or not? Here is the answer.........

Jett– is a trending American action crime drama television series which becomes demand of all the fans. Is it your demand also? If your preference is yes then you are at the right place as here is everything to know about the 2nd Season of Jett.


The series (Jett) starts when a world class thief called Daisy “Jett” Kowalski is forced to do whatever she does by dangerous. This happens when Daisy recently comes out of the prison. So many other criminals determined to exploit her skills for their own interest.

Before proceeding further, let me ask you a question-

Have you experienced the entertaining moment from the 1st Season of Jett? If you missed then you can get the same feeling by looking over the IMDb Rating of the series.

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After the premiere of the 1st Season of Jett, all the fans (including me) are in search of the next season. Keeping this fact on the top, here is everything that you should know about Jett Season 2 like the storyline, the names of the casting characters, the premiere date, the trailer etc………

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Jett Season 2

Jett Season 2 is an American action crime drama television series. Do you love action crime series? Most of the youngsters love to enjoy the action movies every time.

The series Jett Season 2 is created by Sebastian Gutierrez. The series stars Carla Gugino. It was initially premiered on Cinemax on 14th June, 2019.

Now, it’s turn to know about the 2nd Season of Jett………

Jett Season 2: The Plotline

The story of the 2nd Season of Jett focuses around Daisy Jett Kowalski who is a well known world class thief and recently comes out of the prison. But the crime life attracts her back into the game of the crimes. Finally, Daisy meets all the powerful criminals.


Daisy gets indulged in the life of crime by a group of criminals that includes a powerful criminal Lord called Charlie Baudelaire (Esposito).

After reading the plotline it might be hard for you to wait. I think you want to know the names of the main characters……………..

The Casting Characters of Jett Season 2

  • Carla Gugino as Daisy “Jett” Kowalski
  • Giancarlo Esposito as Charlie Baudelaire
  • Elena Anaya as Maria
  • Michael Aronov as Jack “Jackie” Dillon
  • Gaite Jansen as Phoenix
  • Gil Bellows as Evans
  • Christopher Backus as Bennie
  • Gentry White as Charles Junior
  • Jodie Turner-Smith as Josie Lambert
  • Violet McGraw as Alice

Above mentioned are the leading characters that made the series demanding for all the fans (including me).

One questions is revolving in my mind and I’m sure in your also. When the 2nd Season will be on our screen? To know the answer just scroll down………….

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Jett Season 2: The Release Date

The 2nd Season of Jett has been cancelled by Cinemax. This is officially revealed by one of the trending Actress named Carla Gugino. The series got cancellation after 1 season but still the show is finding for another network.


The drama/ show ended after the 1st Season which contains 9 episodes. This news might be disappointing for all the fans (including me) as all are in wait of the positive announcement regarding the 2nd Season………..

Don’t you feel excited to watch the trailer of your favorite series i.e. Jett Season 2? I know you want, here is the info………….

Jett Season 2: Trailer

The 2nd Season of Jett is cancelled so there is no official trailer of the series for the 2nd Season. To refresh your memories here is the official trailer of the 1st Season.

Jett: The IMDb Rating

The IMDb Rating of the series is 7.4 out of 10 with 4,091 votes which reveal the popularity and demand of the series among the fans.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How many seasons of Jett are there?

There is only 1 Season of Jett.

Who is Rosalie in the series, Jett?

Lucy Walters is Rosalie in Jett.

What is the meaning of Jett?

The name Jett means, Jet Black and is of English origin.

Final Words

Jett Season 2 is an interesting and mind blowing American action crime television series which is in the search list of so many viewers but the series will not renew for the 2nd Season. As it got cancellation after only 1 Season which might be disappointing for all the fans. Let’s wait for any miracle that may bring the 2nd Season back on our screen……………


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