There’s Now a New Season of the Mentalist on the Way!

mentalist season 8

Located in Sacramento, California, USA. The Mentalist, starring Simon Baker and Robin Tunney, premiered in September of 2008 and continued for seven seasons and 151 episodes until its final episode of season 7 titled ‘The Mentalist’ aired on February 18th, 2015, when the show said its final goodbyes. An average of 15.6 million people around the world tuned in to see the series.

In the episode, Patrick Jane (Simon Baker) is a talented psychic who outs himself as a phoney to work with the California Bureau of Investigation to discover the serial killer known as Red John who killed his wife and small daughter.

Apparently, five years before the pilot episode, Jane gave an interview in which she said that he helped the police profile Red John’s killer, which enraged him and resulted in the murders of Jane and her family. On the episode, he employs his abilities as a psychic medium to assist with the investigation of homicides and in the hunt for Red John. The Mentalist Season 8 Premiere Date is finally here, and we’ve got all the information you need.

The Release Date for the Mentalist Season 8

There is still hope for season 8 even though CBS announced the series cancellation in 2014, and the final episode very much summarised the tale five years ago. According to everyone’s common knowledge, shows depicting attractive psychic men solving crimes and reading people’s minds in a split second are popular.

The Mentalists were no exception. Viewership soared to a record high of 15.6 million when the show premiered. Even though several cases were solved in the course of the series and Red John was successfully pushed to the side, it became less fascinating and more quaint as it went on, decreasing the viewer’s list to 8 million.

mentalist season 8

Producers reshot the episode in Texas instead of Sacramento, California, and shifted the supporting actors to try to reinvent the tale. Red John’s identity had been uncovered by the end of season 6, providing closure to the show’s central mystery. The CBI is shut down by the FBI at the midway point of season 6, changing the course of the show’s last one and a half seasons.

The show’s new direction was enthusiastically received by the audience, however the network’s decision to end the show in 2014 was not based on this enthusiasm. Prior to this statement, the show’s creators had time to wrap up all of the characters in thirteen episodes, leaving little room for another season.

Neither CBS nor the show’s stars have made any statements about the show returning for a second season as of yet. As a result, the show’s future is in doubt.

There Going to Be a Ninth Season of the Mentalist?

Because he has gone through so much, he can’t be anything but empathetic to the audience, Simon Baker remarked in an interview. To that end, he went on to say that the character suffers from a severe case of self-loathing, is lacking in self-preservation, and is motivated solely by revenge and his own vision of justice.

This conclusion can be drawn once Jane has had his revenge and subsequently marries another woman, and even if the storey continues it will become a typical drama.

mentalist season 8

Cast Reunion

Bruno Heller, the show’s creator, is all for a cast reunion and says it’s up to Simon and Robin, the show’s stars, whether or not they want to return for the next season. He’d love to work with them both again.

As a result, to to the joy of his ardent fans, he did not fully rule out a return for season 8, saying that the programme was performing just as well in the past season as it had in the first.

Why would the show undergo a thorough reboot only to end in the next season viewers’s worry. For the show’s send-off, CBS seemed to have adopted the trick and it worked brilliantly.

Following some substantial modifications, the show was once again the favourite of viewers, thus the producers and network may have decided that now was the best time to call time on the show.


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