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Thw Witcher season


The Witcher Season 2- Netflix

After the huge success of the witcher season 1, by the  Lauren Schmidt Hissrich The producers are going to launch the new season that is season 2. Similarly like the first season, it is also going to be released on Netflix. After the release of season 1, Netflix has announced for season 2, as by officials it was declared that it is going to be released in the year 2021. This is also a streaming season on Netflix.

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The Witcher Season 2-Plotline

When we talk about the Witcher three-character come in our mind Geralt, Ciri, and Yennefer together. They are the most important character of the series.

  •  Geralt

 One of the witchers of the school of the Wolf. He belongs to the Rivia. He was the son of the sorceress Visenna. When he was born she left him in the wolf school. He grew up in the wolf school and made friends there. He loved the Yennefer by the love of the Yennefer and the relation of both He becomes adopted Ciri’s Father.

  • Yennefer-

She was the sorceress from Vengerberg. She belongs to Aerdin.she was brought to Aretuza to study magic. More then about 30 years of her ascension, she met Gralt whom she had mixed feelings because of the thing that happen with them when they met.

  • Ciri-

As she is the princess of the Cintra. Ciri is the granddaughter of the queen wich simply signifies that she has royal blood in her veins. She and Geralt are linked together even before the birth of ciri. The same reason how he becomes the adopted Father of Ciri.

the witcher season 2


Thus above are the main character of the story on which the whole story revolves, the story or the plotline is completely original and is loved by the views. That’s why season 2 is coming for which the fans are waiting after the season 1 ends.

The Witcher Season 2- release date

The witcher season 2, that was going to be released in early 2020 announced by the Netflix but as from the further details it is going to be released in the year 2021 but the releasing date of the Season 2 is completely a mystery because of the no clues given by the officials. Some of the views are upset with the news of delaying of season 2. But we can do nothing in it because this happens due to the pandemic attack. We can only hope that the release will not again get postponed.

How to watch-The Witcher Season 2

Season 2 is going to be released on Netflix which is the biggest streaming service, provider. Season 1 is also released on Netflix. the show has become the most popular among its viewers. After the success of the 1st season, Netflix is releasing the series again for watching the series you need to have a Netflix account and for that, you need a Netflix subscription.

You can choose your plan according to your will on Netflix. The plans are paid but it is not so much high if you want to enjoy streaming.

Can I watch Witcher Season 2 Without Netflix? 

Many views are also seeking the same question on how to watch season 2 without Netflix or with another alternative site here we have an answer for those, as the season is only released on Netflix so the answer is a big no. you are not able to watch the season without having any Netflix subscription or by using other alternatives proxy sites.


Netflix 30 days free Trail

If you want to watch the latest shows and serials on the Netflix and want to enjoy the streaming service at free of cost then you can watch, as the Netflix provides about 30 days free trails for its eligible customers and also you won’t be charged for the free trial and also they sends a remainder at the end of the month for its customers, so that they won’t be charged mistakenly. it is safe but you have to pay a little bit of attention when your free trial is going to exhaust. you have to put your credit card number in this to enjoy your free trial and trust me it is completely safe.


The Witcher Season 1 -REVIEWS

Season 1 is an epic fantasy series similarly appreciated as the game of thrones. If you have completed the game of thrones then you must go for this and watch this amazing series. The first season is of eight-episode. The Wicher season one has Henry Cravil as Geralt of Rivia, Freya Allan as Ciri, Anya Chalotra as Yennefer, Mimi Ndiweni as Fringilla, Mecia Simson as Francesca and other cast member are also in the season 1.the character of Ciri, the granddaughter of the queen who knows the magic the character is loved by the viewers other then Ciri the character of Geralt is also appreciated by many of the users.

 While some of the users stated that it is a bad show because of the sloppy writing, bad dialogue, and non-sense twist in the series, some considered this a bad show also stated it as a collection of bad humor, boredom, confusion a mixed bag of all the nonsense stuff. But as everything has its pros and cons you cant only judge them by the reviews. If you want to know what exactly the show is then you have to watch it on your own.

If you have watched the series then must comment your reviews here-

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Is Witcher Season 2-Worth Watching?

By the reviews of season 1 of the series. it is definitely worth watching season 2. Season 1 is completely appreciated as also stated as an epic fantasy while some of the users are not happy with the show. The series is a complete success. As some of the users have stated that the Wicher series is better than the game of thrones also been touted as the next big epic fantasy but the release date is not confirmed yet by the officials.

The 1st season has a huge achievement, then season 1 has the best and the most prestigious cast who jumped together and acted in the same season after the success they all are also going to be seen in the season 2. The makers want to make the series so long, that they are going to release a total of seven series in the future one by one.


The Witcher Season 2- trailer

The Season 2 trailer has been released. It was released in the year 2019 but the series is not released yet because the pandemic attack of the COVID-19 causes disturbance in the film industry and delaying the release. The trailer seems to be very interesting and going to be viral soon. Here we have a trailer for you . for the second season.


The Witcher Seasons are based on a story of a line-an epic tale of fate, destiny, and family. The main characters are Geralt, Yenefer, and Ciri. the whole story revolves around these characters. The series has also different characters as well.

In the above article, we have discussed the Wicher Season 2 complete detail, cast, plotline, release date, and trailer as well putting them aside we have also talked about the NetFlix and its 30 days free trial service for the eligible customers.


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 Frequently Asked Question

Q-Will there be season 2 for witcher?

A-Yes, there will be season 2 for the witcher that we have discussed above.

Q-How many seasons will Witcher have

A-Currently only 1 season is available, the season 2 is going to launch soon stated by the officials 

Q-Did Yennefer love Geralt?

A-yes, she loves Geralt but sadly by the magic of the Dijins she believed so did not love the Geralt.

Q-Who become the adoptive father of Ciri

A-Geralt becomes the adoptive father of the Ciri.

Q-What relationship Ciri And Geralt have?

A- After the Ciri family dies, Geralt found Ciri when she was 12 years old, he adopted her and take care of her. So it is a Father and Daughter Relationship.

Q-Why Geralt has white hair?

A-The hair color of Geralt is white because of Mutation means any variation occurs into the genetic code. No Yennefer is not the Ciris biological mother.

Q-Is Yennefer series biological mother?

A-No Yennefer is not the Ciris biological mother.

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